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Wednesday, 25 April 2012

My Style Icons - Amanda Warner of MNDR

It has been nearly a year since I compiled a list of my Style Icons and it seems to have taken me a lot longer than I thought to post about each one (I've clearly had a lot to say).
The next Icon on my list is Amanda Warner of MNDR. I first noticed Amanda on the UK TV show Jonathan Ross performing with Mark Ronson for his latest record Bang Bang Bang. I loved her style it was super geek mixed up glamour, the 1980s Deirdre Barlow (google her) glasses and a cute lipstick pout. Amanda seemed a bit odd and had a look that was pretty unique, so of course, I was bound to love her! Ronson was sporting a high quiff at the time which was pleasing to the eye and then you had Q-Tip rapping over it, that mans voice is the coolest. Amanda inspired me to actually buy my large framed Deirdre Barlow glasses that I had been pondering over for a while.

Q-Tip, Mark Ronson and Amanda Warner from the Bang Bang Bang music video. 2010


I love this photo, permed hair, big glasses and stonewash jeans?


Amanda has obviously changed her look over the past two years but it's the Bang Bang Bang era that I love! She has an undercut now, I don't think I shall be copying that one....three years with an undercut is quite enough.....that took a lot for me to say out loud...My name is Emma and I have been undercut free for nearly a month! Thank you....ND xx

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