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Tuesday, 17 April 2012

It's too early for that dress -Post Pregnancy Fashion Dilemmas - Part 5

It's been over a week since my last post, I've been busy with all my children over the Easter hols, on days out and visiting family and friends. I'm writing this with my little Sylvie Belle on my lap, she must be used to me using the laptop now as she often nods off to the sound of the tapping keys! Poor thing!
A breakthrough has happened to me over the past month, I am excited to announce that I am back in my old jeans....yey! The post pregnancy weight is really starting to shift now and I am grateful for this. For this post I am mainly wearing all my old high waister jeans and have mixed this up with my latest buys from cheap as chips Primark and my new 1950s style favourites from Vivien of Holloway. I am working the Vintage Americana trend to the max!

Vintage Cute - White gypsy top from Vivien of Holloway, yellow cardigan from H&M, highwaister tapered jeans from Tokyo, Japan ( bought on my honeymoon, 3 years ago), cherry print socks from Topshop, red Converse low tops, swallow necklace from Accessorise.

The Primark Prada copy top as featured in my Vintage Americana post at the beginning of April. I'm not looking quite as good as Dakota Fanning on that Elle cover but hey ho, she's 17 and I'm old enough to be her mother....which shocks me slightly! 

Pastel Pales Geek - More Primark, the leopard print cardigan is the new item. You know, I do love a cardigan...and those Deirdre Barlow oversized glasses, how I love them!

Here's an example of how to create a peplum effect out of a top. I have used my oversized Xray Spex tee which somehow got ruined by a paint stain (children do these things to your clothes) so to hide it I have added a belt and taa daa...we have peplum.

Jeans from Topshop, Xray Spex tee from 8ball, black catseye sunglasses from asos.com, Neon pink belt a gift.

A close up of my new Primark sandels, which I haven't worn since as the weather here has been too cold. I do look a lot paler than usual too!

The 4 photos above are of me Djing last Friday at my club night Bang (based at The Big Chill Bar) here in Bristol. I was much more awake this month and there was a great atmosphere in the club. I was happy that I fitted into the tightest of my high waister 'old' jeans and teamed them with my new Vivien of Holloway Gypsy top, red elastic belt from ebay and red Converse low tops. The top pic features my brother Mike who (coincidently) is also rocking the Vintage Americana look. We didn't do it on purpose...we didn't!

The Primark Prada rip off  Americana top again worn with my high waister tapered jeans from Tokyo.

A quick snap shot taken at the in-laws about 10 seconds before we had to leave to visit my good friends in Leicester (I went to Uni there and then stayed on for 6 years, I made a lot of good friends, including my good friend and fellow blogger Dilly Foxtrot - and her sister Di, who was pregnant when I left that day but had her lovely baby -a few hours later!! Congrats Di and well done!!! I miss them).

Gingham bustier top (also featured in my Americana post) from Vivien of Holloway, high waister skinnies (as before), red belt (as before) and red Converse.

I have finally managed to get through the back log of my Post Pregnancy style pics, I think we've seen enough of me for a bit so a current obsession or Style Icon post is on the cards...Thanks for stopping by! ND xx


  1. Awww, you look amazing! We miss you tooXX

  2. Like Primark sandels, Its blew my heart., its blue color bows are awesome..

    Sheila Burnett


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