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Sunday, 1 April 2012

And she'll have fun, fun, fun til her daddy takes the T-bird away

Vintage Americana is the next look from the S/S 2012 shows that I am going to delve into. As much as I am, at heart, a very British girl,  I do love a bit of 1950s Americana, the big shiny cars, Hot Rods, rockabilly, diners, preppy high school look, rock'n' roll and the good old 1950s housewife, glamourously running the home and not a hair out of place - a look I could never keep up, I'm not dedicated enough and when would I fit social networking in?

The Vintage Americana trend focuses on the 1950s boom, with it's Cadillac rockabilly style car prints, glossy coloured leather skirts (inspired by the big shiny cars and Hot Rods), cute ginghams, preppy plaids, cats eye sunglasses and not forgetting the new exposed midriff - think more 1950s hourglass figure than cheerleader. It's much more subtle than the 1990s midriff show off, as I have said before, it's all about a sneak peek of the torso and not a belly button in sight.
Here are my favourite looks from the High Street.

I have struggled to find a midi skirt that actually suits my style let alone  a bright coloured, leather one. I found this one on Asos.com, it's a bit expensive for me at £90 but I like the styling of the outfit and inspires me to wear the A-line midi's I already own, just need to lose that last bit of baby podge from my tummy!

 I do love a pair of cats eye sunglasses, these are from asos.com, I've ordered the tortoise shell one's above and some plain black ones. I'm very excited about this!

Here's a cute preppy look from asos.com (yeah the Americana look is all about Asos!) The diner style shirt, gingham skirt and I love the peep-toe heels with white ankle socks.

This cute gingham bowling shirt is from the Fred Perry By Amy Winehouse S/S 2012 collection. As we all know Amy herself loved a bit of 1950s Americana styling, so get this shirt and the gingham pumps below (also Fred Perry By Amy Winehouse) in memory of the fabulous Miss Winehouse.

I liked this image from Topshop.com from their Twice As Nice promo for Short Suits. This one fits the Americana trend with it's pastel shades and bra top ensemble, I think I was drawn to the image by her hair, love it!

I thought these pep hole white brogues from Topshop.com would look real preppy with a pair of ankle socks and a gingham or pastel shade midi full skirt.

Of course I couldn't do 1950s Americana without a few Vivien of Holloway lovelies. The gingham Bustier halter top above is fantastic and a great alternative to the crop bra tops. I have this one on order along with the new 1950s jeans and a gypsy top. I shall blog about these asap as I wait for my parcel to arrive....very impatiently!!

I was very excited to find this image on vivienofholloway.com I, of course, love the pink halter circle dress, but check out the car and the male model, he's just stepped out of the diner to go pick up his sweetheart in his chevy! Haha! I have no idea what the car is, even my car enthusiast husband Phil didn't know. I thought i'd just blag it.

Black sateen halter pencil dress (above) and black and white large gingham check halter circle dress (below) both from Vivien Of Holloway

 This car print top (above) is from Primark, it is amazing, I bought it yesterday for £8!!!! It wins the prize for the best catwalk copy this season, the original version from Prada is seen below on the Elle UK February cover girl Dakota Fanning. I tried on the matching Primark pleat midi skirt too but laughed myself out of the changing rooms, it was hideous on me! ND xx

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