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Sunday, 25 March 2012

Cut Your Hair

Every now and again we manage to get together as a family and meet up with Vikki Mac for a good ol' family haircut. Lucian and I were just in it for a tidy up but Phil and Mika went for a new look. I thought I would show you the results.

Check out Mika's short hair, he said he wanted it straight, I miss his curls but he looks so grown up and handsome and what about Phil's quiff! He looks so grown up and handsome. Hee hee.... Lucian went for the second world war school boy look with a short back and sides and I'm still trying grow out the undercut, the sides are nearly there, I am aiming for a bob, we'll see if  I manage it. I popped Sylvie on the end as she still has the baby mohawk but it's so long it's started to curl over...we didn't cut her hair. ND xx

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