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Saturday, 7 April 2012

It's too early for that dress -Post Pregnancy Fashion Dilemmas - Part 3

Brrrr! So we had a weird heatwave last week and now we are all freezing again here in the UK, seriously, it's been snowing and everything!! I am now 4 months into my post pregnancy and have been recording my outfits as often as I can. I now have so many images that I am going to have to filter them between posts! The first set are from early March, before the hot weather arrived (and left).There is still the need for a coat....

 Layering and clashing prints

The above photos were all taken early morning just after the school run, I think we shall have to call this Leopard Print Week, I hadn't consciously worn leopard print all week, it just happened. Although I do own a lot of it, it has to be said.  
Leopard print fake fur coat from H&M, I got this about 7 years ago (it's practically vintage) Leopard print top and trousers, red dress, peep toe boots, suede fringed bag and jeans all from Topshop. Aztec cardigan and wedge boots from Newlook.

 I got my haircut on this day, I had posted another picture from this set previously on my post of the family haircuts in Cut Your Hair.
 Stripe top from Topshop and that's the pregnancy staple bodycon dress from H&M underneath. I am also wearing anchor earrings and a swallow necklace, Mothers Day presents from my lovely kids from Tatty Devine! They know me so well, and I didn't have to send their Dad a link to the website or anything....ahem!

The conclusion at this point is that I have been walking loads in an attempt to shift the baby weight, I have hardly any energy at all from being woken up twice a night by a hungry Sylvie Belle (if I will go and have 3 kids... ) so walking suits my lifestyle. I am not a person who you will find at the gym! I do not diet but usually don't eat after 8pm, my vice is wine and beer (and alcohol in general!) but I have always limited this to 3 nights a week, well since being a mother I have...I bloody have!!! At this point I am not fitting into my high waister size 12 jeans, this is my goal!

I am off DJing tomorrow night at the Hoochie Coochie Kabaret and have had dilemmas with finding an outfit / costume, which, at Hoochie, usually involves tiny bits of fabric and lots of skin showing....this will not be happening on this occasion, god, I only had a baby 4 months ago! Elle Macpherson I am not..I'm sure, I will do a Hoochie outfits post soon so you can see what I usually wear.....The next post, however, will be the follow up to this one and involves sportswear......What? Has No Debutante become a Chav? Find out next time ND xx

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