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Thursday, 19 April 2012

Gnarly Boy - I Hate Myself When I'm Not Skateboarding

Did I ever mention that my husband Phil is obsessed with skating? That's on a skateboard not on in-liners or retro roller boots (perhaps a little too camp or twee for Phil) So yeah, skateboards, he loves them, he skates.
 I tried to 'encourage' him to do something with all his old skate decks that have been gathering around our home and garage for the past 10 years.
 'Perhaps make a shelf with them', I said 'or display them?'
This was my downfall........Phil, instead, was inspired to pop up a bit of vintage 80s skate art on our walls, sounds OK, but was he using up the old decks? Oh no, he's just bought more....the ones he wanted but couldn't afford when he was 14 years old!
Luckily I managed to have a say on which of the designs he liked, were actually gonna get up on our walls and then he imported them from America!
 Here they are.

We decided to hang our new pieces of art next to the stairs, so you can't actually miss them from the minute you walk through our front door. Our hallway has had Granny's wallpaper for years and, to be honest, we have actually grown to like it, it adds to the charm of our 1930s home, as we slowly begin to push Ikea further out of our lives. 

The decks themselves are all re-issues of Phil's childhood favourites and each have their own stories....
The first white deck is by Vision and is a great design that reminds me of the late 80s and early 90s. Vision decks and clothing were everywhere as far as I remember as a non-skater.
 The black deck with the dragon (my least favourite, but all the boys favourite!) is the Bone Brigade's  - Steve Caballero deck Phil most wanted as a kid.
 Check out the leopard print Alva deck! I, of course, was drawn to this one, who could resist the leopard print? You also need one of the original Dog Town Z Boys decks on your wall, don't you?

Keeping on the Skate theme, here are our gnarly kids with all their latest skate items. The boys are sitting on Lucian's first deck, it's a smaller Santa Cruz deck with The Screaming Hand Logo both boys wearing Vans skate shoes, of course!

Sylvie Belle and Daddy. Phil bought this Santa Cruz bodysuit for the baby before we even knew whether she was a boy or a girl. Luckily she was a girl as the print on the bodysuit looked more pink than red when we received it. Phil in Independant sunglasses and Powell Peralta tee.
Below -  Mika sporting his Santa Cruz 'Screaming Hand' tee.

It's lucky I've always had a soft spot for skaters, aint't it! ND xx

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