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Friday, 4 November 2011

My Style Icons - Part 5 - Ziggy Stardust

As I approach the last few weeks of my pregnancy, I am not feeling inspired to talk about my latest fashion obsessions, so it seemed a good idea (now that I have finished work and have some time on my hands) to post about another of my Style Icons. He is the  king of androgyny, glam rock and David Bowie's alter ego Ziggy Stardust. I am a massive David Bowie fan musically but stylewise it is Ziggy that has taken my heart. I have also added a couple of Aladdin Sane era images, as Bowie is hot in these pics!

Look at this Aztec catsuit / outfit, in the words of Gok Wan it's bang on trend! I am rather partial to any garment that is an all-in-one, either a catsuit, leotard, jumpsuit or playsuit and Ziggy loved them too.
Glam rock was a great time for stretch fabrics,
 it saw men becoming interested in  the possibilities of wearing skintight garments to show off their bodies and becoming androgynous.
I reckon most of Ziggy's outfit were made from stretch jersey knits rather than the lycra based fabrics that were more readily available during the 80s.
I'm imagining Ziggy's outfits were very hot to wear, especially onstage, under the spotlights.

Ziggy's outfits often influence many costumes I have to wear for the Hoochie Coochie Kaberet and other such outrageous events that I attend! I will deffo blog the costumes I have worn on here asap. 

Stills from the Life On Mars pop video which is a must watch!! David Bowie is mesmerizing in it, the white lighting and vivid orange hair and blue eyemake-up is amazing!! I nearly always wear blue eyeshadow and it is all inspired by this video!! Watch it, you won't be able to take your eyes off of him! He is like a beautiful alien clown. The song Life On Mars is also very close to my heart as we have played it as the last record of the night at my club night BANG in Bristol (currently at the Big Chill Bar) for the past 9 years!! It never fails to impress!!

Ziggy in another jumpsuit, I can only imagine how shocking this imagery was to uptight, old fashioned, recession fuelled Britain. It obviously came as a relief to many teenagers who became obsessed with Glam rock all over the world during the early 1970s with other such influences as the New York Dolls, Freddie Mercury, Marc Bolan, Mick Ronson, Lou Reed, Bryan Ferry and not forgetting the fabulous Iggy Pop.

I'm not a massive fan of too much green, but I do love a pair of leopard print trousers and some wedge platform boots. I am actually on the look out for some wedge boots, this will become the next fashion obsession! Look at the green hair though, a total influence for the later punk hair styles. I say that like it was years between Glam and Punk, it really wasn't. I guess all subcultures are short lived, when they turn on a mass scale they are no longer underground and the scensters start looking for something else which is what happened between Glam and Punk.

I love this image, look at the red skintight high waister trousers with braces and the Pirate
eye patch! My brother Mike dressed up as this era of Bowie for my club BANG's 5th Birthday party, I will deffo post it on the blog.

Another still from the Life On Mars pop video.

You don't get much more Glam Rock than this image, this look was copied by many teenage fans (male and female) during the 1970s. 

Another day another leotard. Ziggy looking a bit skinny here but fabulous non the less.

I have added these images from the Jean Genie Pop Video, which features Cyrinda Foxe (one of Andy Warhol's muses) Cyrinda also looks fabulous half Marilyn Monroe half Patricia Arquette in True Romance, look at the leopard print halter, skinny crop jeans over fishnets with platforms!! This was from Bowie's Aladdin Sane era and Bowie is HOT in this video like a glam James Dean! The chemistry between the two of them in this video is so hot, there is no way they didn't do it!

I love you Ziggy Stardust / David Bowie!!!

All images from
Google images

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