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Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Whole Lotta Rosie - Part 6

So.......I am back with my latest (but not last....boo hoo!) Pregnancy Post for Whole Lotta Rosie - Part 6!!! Looks like you are gonna get to see me dressed as Jabba in Loungewear as this baby has decided not to come early and seems quite content to not come on time either! Help!!

This post covers the end of Week 36 - Week 39, I currently have 5 days to go until the baby is due and my patience are wearing thin, I still can't really complain though as I am not yet overdue and I am very excited about the baby coming - yes, I am in the denial stage, ignoring the idea that there is pain on the horizon!!

Despite my trying to remain laid back about the whole thing, I had one of the Mum's of a kid in Mika's class tell me  today that her babies have all been late, including one child that was....18 DAYS LATE!!!! Thanks I really DO NOT want to hear that. Thankfully her child ended up being ridiculously late because she was stubborn and wanted it all to happen 'naturally'....well that ain't me missus, any assistance I can get, as early as possible, I will take!!

There are a fair few images on this post too, I was camera happy again and treating everyday like it was my last day of pregnancy..........unfortunately, it wasn't!!

The end of Week 36 -  I thought I would go into labour on this day as it was Mika's 5th Birthday Party, which instead of being riotous (like all Lucian's Birthday parties) it was actually a sedated affair where all the little Reception kids were very well behaved, you could tell they had only just started at school, it couldn't have gone better! Thanks kids!!

I am wearing my favourite Xray Spex t-shirt (featuring one of my style icons, the late, great Poly Styrene!!) I got this t-shirt a couple of years ago from www.8ball.co.uk You can find good band t-shirts on this site, the quality is good and it's great for buying 80's style oversized t-shirts, that I love and are very useful when pregnant!! I like to wear it with the sleeves rolled up and oversized almost like a dress. I prefer to buy from this type of site rather than getting an obvious rock style t-shirt mass produced at Topshop, Urban outfitters and H&M (and every other high street shop for that matter). At least you get to choose your print, size and colour and can style it up yourself. I hate people wearing rock tshirts but not knowing the band or even worse than this is a fake band tshirt and by that I mean the printers have come up with a band that doesn't actually exist trying to avoid copyright issues!!!! Awful!! Rant Over!

37 Weeks -The Asos lace bodycon dress is still going strong, the maternity tights however are barely covering the bump. The Topshop maternity jeans no longer fit, I am now down to bodycon dresses and leggings for outfits, this annoys me!

2 November - Mika's actual 5th Brithday - I really didn't want the baby to come on this day, as you can see, it didn't...I'm wearing the Asos bodycon dress again, I am sensing a pattern forming....

Week 38 - Desperately finding different tops to go over the bodycon dresses and leggings, these wide H&M tops do the trick, but I am getting bored of it, I'm yearning to wear my leopard print trousers, denim shorts and playsuits, won't be long now.....so everyone keeps telling me....

Another day another wide H&M top over the bodycon!

Saw the midwife on this day, she told me the baby is growing fine, so no late scans for me boo hoo!! They are not gonna see me now until I am a week late, great thanks for your support!! The other bit of news was that the baby has now come out of the pelvis and has decided not to come out. I am finding it hard to keep up the british stiff upper lip charade...I am now just pissed off!

Popped my Dierdre Barlow glasses on to cheer myself up, I was going for an 80's secretary look here it seems. In my Topshop cropped blazer and oversized cobweb knit jumper, trying to disguise the bodycon that lurks beneath!

My boy hips have finally given in and I get woken up every hour at night to the pain of dead hips, they are killing me, it seems the exercise that I was hoping to encourage at the end of pregnancy( to get the baby out) has to be put on the back burner. I actually find it hard to sit around relaxing for too long, I get bored, I still haven't mastered it!

To match my lack of exercise I have popped on a Mickey Mouse sweatshirt from H&M, bring on the Chav, daytime TV & Lesiurewear, here I come!

On this day an old school friend had her baby, she lives in America and was induced (like all American ladies apparently) on her due date and had her little girl that day!! Congrats Mandy!!

However I am now totally jealous of American women, I want to be induced on the day I'm due! They don't bloody induce you in the UK until your are about 10 days late!! Its crap! Mika was 10 days late and was frankly overcooked, squashed and looked like a troll! He is, of course, beautiful now and straightened out after a few days..........basically my patience have totally ran out, I want my baby...NOW!!

It's the end of Week 38 and I couldn't handle it any longer, I went clothes shopping. I found this mohair stripe jumper in Topshop for only £25 in the sale, I'll wear it for years as it nods to punk and will get better with time!! I would have preffered it to be in a bigger size but, I get what I can at this stage. Why are all the sleeves so short on jumpers?? My friend Miri raised this issue oin facebook, there were alot of comments and the conclusion was that nobody wants these 3/4 length sleeves, they are useless in the winter!! Sort it out retailers!!

Let us also notice Mika hovering in the background of this photo, he said' he hoped he didn't ruin the photo this time' he was apparently 'trying' to get out of the way. He is so funny!

Oh look! New boots too? These little lovelies are also from Topshop and were £55, they have  a little wedge heel but are still flat enough for me to walk in, I love them....

Week 39 - One week to go!! Whoop Whoop!! I have squeezed myself into my Super Lovers t-shirt which I bought in the Super Lovers shop in Galleries Lafayette, Harajuku, Tokyo on my Honeymoon to Japan 2 years ago. I wanna go back!! I love Japan!!

Here's a couple of images where I bare all, well just the bump, it's not quite as iconic as Demi Moore's pregnancy shoot but I really have to be proud of my lack of stretchmarks after 3 babies!!

Still have the belly piercing in too, I have NEVER taken it out.

These Mothercare overbump seamless leggings (which I have totally rated until now) have let me down...literally, they have lost their elasticity a bit and have started to fall off when I walk!!

Back in the Mickey sweatshirt, worn with the bodycon and the new sheepskin, fleece lined wedge Topshop boots. Here's a close up of them below, they are so comfy and warm and look great!!

That bring's me to the end of my 6th but not final Whole Lotta Rosie Pregnancy posts, the good news is the next post will definately be the last, the bad news is you will get to see me looking like Jabba in very limited outfits, I shall probably just be in pyjamas the whole time, it make's things easier!!

I am very excited and cannot wait to meet my new little one xxx

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