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Friday, 25 November 2011

Versace for H&M - My Top 5

My baby is now officially 4 days late and to keep my mind off the whole 'waiting game' I thought I would post about My Top 5 Versace pieces for H&M, which might I add is selling out fast online! I have made one purchase from the collection, it is a justified choice that is not too expensive and should hopefully fit within a few weeks!
 I have not received my purchase yet but it was a difficult decision, not, might I add, for which piece to choose, I was more concerned on the sizing of the garment as H&M are not very generous on sizing, a 12 is not a 12 at H&M, its more like an 8 or a 10.....So you see my problem.
I have decided that the quality of Versace at H&M should be a bit better and the standard of the cutting will be higher! I hope. I have more faith in me getting into my skinny jeans soon after pregnancy than a Size 12 H&M garment fitting me the way it should! Well, time will tell, I will blog about the said garment as soon as I receive / can fit into it!

I personally have very mixed reviews on the collection, I am really into the bright prints and mixed prints, but not too keen on the single colour dresses and the mainly black pieces. Some of it's a bit Essex Girl for my liking. I need pieces I can rock up!! I don't really rate the mens collection, or want to see my husband in it, it's colours and print clashes for me all the way!



This is the 'justified' item that I have purchased from the collection which I can currently only by online. I bloody love these leggings, they combine the colour & print clash that I love and will be great for the next Spring / Summer 2012 Season as clashing florals will be everywhere! So I can dress them down with plain colours or mix 'em up with print tops and dresses! I CANNOT WAIT until I can be back in normal / non maternity clothes again!!

 Here's the leggings from the Versace at H&M campaign, mixed with the dress in same print. I wouldn't wear this dress as the short pleat skirt wouldn't suit me,it's more for a skinnier legged girl, but I love the top half.

 I bloody love this dress, its a perfect bodycon tank shape, with graffiti print hearts and long tassles, it is still available on line but it's £99.99 which is a bit much for me (I know it's Versace but I just won't do it!!) I will deffo consider getting it when it's in the sale, it's the sort of item I could rock for years! Oh, god, I'm nearly talking myself into getting it!


This scarf is lovely, really Versace and is only £25, I wanted it but so did everyone else, it's sold out online! Boo!


I love the cut and mix prints on this dress but alas she has sold out online too. It was £79.99 a bit cheaper that the tassle dress, that's why it sold out, that and because it is fabulous.

These earrings are great and have a vintage look to them, I could have worn these to my wedding to match my 1950s Vivienne of Holloway halter dress. They have just disapeared online so are now sold out! Boo hoo! This range is selling out as we speak! Get yours now!!
                                                          This is another image from the Versace for H&M campaign which I commented on loving on fellow bloggers Brimbles World's blog last week. I love the whole look together but I'm not sure I would wear this jacket very much, it actually looks a bit chavvy on it's own online. No worries though, it's sold out now! Loving the campaign images!

This image is fantastic, I love the styling, the clothes, the colour and print clash, the wallpaper  (I want it in my bedroom!!) Love it!
All images courtesy of  www.hm.com

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