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Monday, 7 November 2011

The Kids are Alright

I am still pregnant with 2 weeks to go. I am also aware that I haven't actually ever posted on the blog about the kids that I already have! I imagine I shall be showing off the new little one loads when she (ahem) is born, especially as the Whole Lotta Rosie blog post shall need to be concluded with the finished product! Here are some alternative pics of my boys Lucian now 7 and Mika now 5, taken this year in various locations, by various people. I have tried to leave the more wholesome, family pleaser images for Facebook, here's the Boys.......

Introducing Lucian Hendrix Ellicott TM
Lucian likes Maths and would like to be a Scientist, a professional skater and a rockstar when he is older. There's nothing like a good mix of Cool Geek, just like his Daddy.

Here's Lucian at the beginning of the year, he'd got his hair done by my hairstylist Vikki Mac at Angela Gaudi in Bristol and was rather pleased with it. Hence follows the photoshoot that HE made his Dad take of him. What a poser! I can't imagine where he got this from......He does look really cute and handsome though I have to say, check out the attitude, in the words of Tyra Banks....he's fierce.

Lucian's t-shirt is from Gap Kids, hair by Vikki Mac. Sorry I can't resist doing the fashion run down!!

Introducing Mika Floyd Ellicott TM

Mika is a little ball of energy and as can see, he loves his trampoline, learnt to ride a bike, swim and lost teeth real early, his favourite record is'Beat It' by Michael Jackson (you should see him dance to it.) I would compare him to a whirlwind!

Mika's vest and trousers from H&M

Here's the boys in Bristol next to a load of scooters. Phil couldn't resist taking a photo, Mika was less interested.

Both boys shirts from H&M, (yes it's my favourite shop for kids) Mika's top from Thrasher. (Phil skates so we also have alot of skate wear).

I love these two photos of Lucian, they were taken by Mika, without my knowing, I found them on the camera, they were taken on one of the hottest days in England this year going by Lucian's lack of clothing!  The photos look really white trash I reckon, like something out of the Harmony Korine film Gumo, look at Lucian clambering around in all the rubbish in the garden, I wonder what they were up to?? I love it that the photos are taken low down at kids height, Mika has not attempted to avoid the rubbish and mess like an adult would in a photo of their kids. You'd never get this on my Whole Lotta Rosie posts! I should get Mika to take the photos!

Lucian is wearing Mika's H&M green cotton trousers (2 sizes too small) and make-up and hair by Mummy, distressed by Lucian.

Here's the other photo taken by Mika, again, look at the clutter everywhere (to be honest, that is my kitchen, it always looks like that, it's remained as Granny's kitchen since we moved in-OMG 10 years ago....it's next on the DIY list honest!!). Love the perspective on this photo and Lucian's facial expression, what were they up to?? Can I also point out that they had just come back from a birthday party and were in fancy dress, Lucian was less punk, white trash and more 'Frog Prince' (it was a fairy tale party, our costumes were limited.....Mika went as the classic fairytale Dark Knight, Darth Vader....enough said....) and yes, he really does have ice-cream around his face!

Here is quite a wholesome phorograph of Mika, he looks a little sarcastic, like he is faking the sweetness for the photo, this is when he actually had front teeth.

This is more like it minus one tooth, he was only 4 when this was taken and has now lost the other tooth, so we have a double gap at the moment.

AC/DC t-shirt from Amplified

Lucian pulling his punk / Beastie Boys face which he has been perfecting for years.

Mika starts school.

Mika and Daddy

The Ellicotts 2011

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