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Friday, 28 October 2011

Whole Lotta Rosie Part 5

Here's my next maternity post for Whole Lotta Rosie, it's Part 5 and I'm hoping there is only gonna be a Part 6 after this! If there is a Part 7 it shall involve pictures of me dressed like Jabba the Hut in loungewear.
 This post covers Weeks 34 - 36 , which is where I am now, just entering Week 37 and being told by everyone that it could be 'anytime now' that I go into labour. I feel cursed everytime those words leave their lips, like it adds a day onto my due date making the baby later and later!! SHUT UP!!
There seems to be alot of images for this post, I was camera happy and it was first thing in the morning before the school and work run, when I looked my best. I am not one of those people who keeps checking their hair and make-up throughout the day, so any end of the day photos would be even worse!

 Week 34
Here's me in the old faithful H&M bodycon vest dress and Topshop Denim shirt. Two of my friends babies have now been born they were both boys, I'm still not convinced I am definately having a girl, despite it being confirmed during the 20 weeks scan. My Mum had an attic clear out at the weekend and found
loads of retro baby dresses and knitwear that were mine (she's a worse hoarder than me!!) they will deffo get a mention on the blog soon and modelled by the new baby! Exciting!!!

 I could get away with not looking pregnant in this photo, i'm rather impressed but you do get annoyed when people tell you 'you're not that big' when you're actually feeling really uncomfortable, tired and don't fit into any of your old clothes, it's so easy to loose your identity when you are pregnant as you take on a style that's not really yours and your wardobe staples are a thing of the past (for a few months anyway!!)

 The outfit in full with Leopard print pumps from New look.

Saw the midwife on this day, she told me the baby was measuring a bit small and may need a late scan to check the baby is growing OK. My first son Lucian did have growth problems during the last month but he was still an Ok size at 6lbs 4oz, he was just a bit skinny!
 The second thing to consider here is that I have a longer than average torso, honest, I can't get a swimsuit to fit me, I'm too long, they end up looking highcut on the legs and lowcut on the chest, awful!! A bigger size is then too baggy, I can't win!
Anyhoo, having a long torso means I have more room inside me for a baby and then don't look that big when I'm pregnant. Imagine how big this baby really could be?? The plus side to a late scan is that I get to see the baby again, which is completely selfish but great!

This outfit in full with H&M yellow cardigan, red and black vests, the only trousers I own that fit me anymore from Topshop maternity and the leopard print pumps from Newlook. The weather must still be mild in England as I have no socks on.

The end of Week 34 and we now have the Baby's pram! I've curled my hair here as It's all getting cropped off again after work. I thought i'd make the most of the longer layers, dunno how it will looked curled when it's shorter. I'm basically getting the assymmetric cut out of  my hair as it's annoying and even my Mum & Mother-in-law have assymmetric hair now! I need to change my hair to a style they won't copy, it has to be extreme!!! I'm such a kid, i know, but it just ain't cool......ahem!

Check out how short the H&M bodycon dress is getting, the bump is so big it's pulling it up! The cropped jacket is from Topshop A/W 2010 & so is the jumper. The weather is getting colder and the layers start to pile on. These maternity tights do not cover my whole bump anymore, I don't actually think this baby is small at all!

Enter the extreme haircut, I'm still getting used to it, since I have lost my long fringe that I clearly used to hide behind like a comfort blanket. My hairdresser Vikki Mac at Angela Gaudi in Bristol, Uk thoroughly enjoyed cropping my hair off, despite my telling her when I was first pregnant not to let me talk her into cutting all may hair off late in pregnancy when I'm all crazy & hormonal, she did it anyway, the sick bitch!

Week 35.....It's my last week at work!! I'm not sure how I feel about this, I am tired and uncomfortable, but I'm gonna miss my work mates and physically doing my job, I shall get bored....more time for blogging then? With a baby? Maybe......The exciting thing about finishing work is that it means my baby will be here soon. I cannot wait!!

I'm clearly on the school run here, ipod et al. The khaki poncho was a bargain from my recent visit to Primark, it was only £8! I love Primers Primarni!! I got the poncho in a size massive, not just because I'm pregnant, this is the way I like to wear clothes, easier for layering etc. The Topshop maternity jeans and my red converse low tops, one of the only pairs of my shoes that I can actually reach to put on by myself. My husband Phil usually has to help out with any fastenings! Putting on socks is the latest issue.

I've got over the initial hairshock. The fringe has calmed down and has stopped balancing on the top of my head. I like the colour contrast too. I love you again Vikki Mac!

I was about to visit my friend Rudi here, who was, at this point, a day overdue, massive and pissed off!! She did finally have her lovely little boy by the end of the week, yes, another boy!! I'm excited because it's me next in line to have my baby!! Although the worry about the baby being late has kicked in!

On an entirely different note....Check out the Deirdre Barlows!! I have wanted a pair of these glasses for ages and then I saw Amanda Warner with some and that was it, I had to have some of these 80s lovelies! Mine are from Vintage by Robert Roope, I got them at the beginning of the year but disaster struck when my optician had attempted to up my glasses perscription to correct my, ever worsening stigmas and eyesight, only to make it so strong that it made me go cross eyed! Ha! Finally they got there and my glasses are perfect, I love them. These glasses also distress and confuse alot of people too, which I also like.

My boss Becky told me I never smile on my blog, here you go! The truth is I don't really like my smile, my face feels uncomfortable doing it!

Here's the ripped punk jumper from Topshop that I've mentioned before, it's ripped to hell, I love it. And it's actually adding a bit of colour to my current mostly black wardrobe.

Yey! It's fur coat time! It's not real fur of course, this leopard print lovely is from H&M years ago, the brooch is from Mikey. I have also managed to curl the short hair, I'm double happy today, even if I could only manage to do two top buttons up on the fur.

Week 36 - I am beginning to look bloated in the face, this is actually a good sign, it means the end is nigh! I have now finished work and have found out that the baby has actually grown so much over the past 2 weeks that it is back on track. So no late scan for me!

 I had hoped that by finishing work I would spontaneously go into labour....that doesn't appear to have happened. After a few days of denial I have come to my senses and chilled out about the whole thing, the baby will come when the baby is ready to come, which may be this week or it may be in 5 weeks time(I only have 3 weeks until the due date but the baby could also be 2 weeks late!). I shall have a week off with my sons for their half term break and just wait........patiently........or until my next hormonal impatient rant!!

This photo (on the right) is actually from Week 35, I am so uncomfortable sitting here, I can't be bothered to move it!

Another hair pic, tried out a different back combed fringe here. My face is definately looking dfferent, when I was pregnant with the boys I got mega moonface, it looks like it's possibly on it's way again, I also always said moonface / distorted face happened when you had a boy. Am I actually having a boy? Or is this just a thing that happens to me when I'm pregnant???? Will the next Whole Lotta Rosie post be the last?? Do I actually have a Whole Lotta Rodney growing in my belly??? Watch this space xx

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