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Tuesday, 22 November 2011

My Latest Magazine Obsession - Pigeons and Peacocks

Oh! What's Occurring?? Nothing, if we are talking about when I am gonna have this baby, whom is now, officially, a day late. I have hidden myself away from Facebook and the school runs to avoid the constant questioning about when my baby is actually coming and have I tried a hot curry to get the baby out????.........Instead I have decided to tell you about my latest fashion magazine obsession, yes, I get fashion magazine obsessions, so what? (Might I just add my patience and toleration of anything has run out so I may be a bit unhinged during this post!!)

I found Pigeons and Peacocks in my local WH Smiths in Bristol, I was just browsing the alternative fashion mags Dazed and Confused, ID etc but my eyes were drawn away from my usual favourites by the cover of the current Issue (Issue 4) of the fantastic Pigeons and Peacocks, it was the day-glo cover shoot, a mad clash of african batik fabrics on black models, Jean-Michel Bisquiat style 80s imagery, 80s hip hop and late 80s/early 90s rave. Whatever, I love it! I bought it on the cover alone.

Pigeons and Peacocks is (I'm sad to say) only printed once a year and was created as a fashion and culture magazine in collaboration with London College of Fashion mixing the talents of industry and graduates including designers, photographers, writers, illustrators, Graphic Designers, stylists and real people models (rather than all professional models) to create this unique, supercool mag free from any advertising. The content is alotta fashion (which will always get my attention) the photoshoots are so cool, alternative and inspirational (for me anyway), the writing is fantastic, I haven't laughed out loud whilst reading a magazine, like, ever (yes actually reading it, not just looking at the pretty pictures). The graphics and layout are fantastic, put it this way, the young designer (self confessed Chav -you have to admire her for that) from Venue Magazine - where I work when I'm not growing babies - she basically wet herself at the sight of Pigeons and Peacocks magazines' graphics, and had taken a photo with her phone and facebooked it before I had finished showing her my new magazine obsession. That was back in September, I have been a bit slower on the old social networking of it all. Check out these images anyhow. I think you may like.....

Pigeons and Peacocks - Issue 4 2011

The cover that caught my attention!

This photoshoot is basically inspired by the fabrics and jewellery of the West african country of Benin aka Babes in Benin.  I just loved the styling and imagery. The stylist John William and photographer Saga Sig (really thats her name) gave a Swedish fashion design student Sara Arnesen, loads of metres of loudly printed batik fabrics and asked her to create designs inspired by the fabrics (not by african garments) which was sexy and fun. I would have killed to have been given this sort of brief when I was designing for my own label Phlem back in the early 2000s. Actually, I wanna it to do it now!! Maybe one day....... in the near future.

Images featuring the mini skirts and super crop tops! I may have to draw the line on the super crop tops but for the purpose of this photoshoot, they look great. I love the mini skirt. The two boys in the shoot (one of which is a market trader and not a model) look like they've stepped off the set off the early 90s, low budget, UK TV show for the young 'Dance Energy'. You will have to google/ youtube it if you are below 32 years old or not British. It's a must see!

 This is my second favourite photoshoot from this issue GANGURO BARBIE a mix of the Ganguro Japanese styling mixed with UK white Chav style. Styling John William. Photography Alena Jascanka.

Ganguro Girls were a big thing in Tokyo during the late 1990s-2000 Ganguro basically means 'black face' and Japanese girls would either mega tan up their faces or more commonly orange-up their faces with make-up, the more extreme girls would also give themselves white panda style eye make-up too.

The Great British Chav speaks for itself, in sportwear, gold jewellery and side ponytails and a taste for the Council Estate.(I personnally am no innocent in this, I know my council estate roots, and have dabbled with the Chav style as a teenager, I have just chosen to deny this for the past 20 years, I think they call this inverted snob gone wrong).

I really like the printed sportswear and colour clashes here. The trousers are actually vintage Moshino, bloody love 'em!

I have a secret obsession for these day-glo hair pieces, although they massively nod to the Bristolian fashion nightmare the Trustafairian / white rasta,  they're really 80s, I am picturing my style Icon Annabella Lwin with them or Ari Up from The Slits. My hair is not long enough for them at the moment though, so we'll have to forget this. Issey Miyake trousers looking good!

Loving the Chav side pony tail here mixed with an outfit a labelmania Chav can only dream of, or perhaps just nick, Vintage Versace with the bizarre but fantastic storm trooper platforms from Ruth Jones.

This image has come from the fashion story PAINT  I liked this particular image for the naive safari print dress. The print reminds me of Tom Tom Club record covers, I also like the loose fit of this dress,which is an archive Jean-Charles De Castelbajac @ House of Liza, it reminds me of the tunic style dresses worn by Boy George in Culture Club, so pretty 80s all round then. The bangles are from Tatty Devine who I love. Styling Billy Bradshaw. Photography Saga Sig.

All images courtesy of Pigeons and Peacocks Magazine, photgraphs by Saga Sig and Alena Jascanka images sorced from  www.pucemoment.com/index.php?/pigeons--peacocks/

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