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Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Pinkie Pie

I've been growing out my blue hair for about 18 months which has progressed from a full head of luscious mermaid hair to a grown out natural colour with blue ends, kind of the opposite of dip dying. My natural hair came through & it turns out that after years of colouring my hair, I now have natural brown hair compared to the fair mousy blond that used to be there. I am also quite impressed to report that at the grand age of 40, I still have no grey hair! Whoop! I'm winning!

What are you gonna do with your hair next?? I hear this on a daily bases. People got so used to me changing my hair that they became quite confused when I grew out my crazy colour and just let things grow naturally, with no bleach or colours. I was enjoying this new found 'I'm just letting it grow out' answer, I also like to keep people on their toes. Whilst they are trying to guess my next hair style, I actually don't have a clue what I'm going to do with my hair next, it just kinda happens. There is never a plan......

How did I get to the decision of a pink fringe with a natural bob and then a hidden undercut with a tramline style pattern shaved in?? I have no idea but it happened like this......
I chose loads of images on pinterest ranging from very short and shaved bowl cuts, bobs, coloured fringes on long hair and a few undercuts chucked in. I knew I wanted a big change but I still wanted to be able to put my hair up, so the very short hair styles were substituted for the undercut. I needed to get rid of my frazzled bleached ends (the last of my grown out blue) and I had planned to colour my fringe a while back so this was deffo on the cards. I chose pink for the fringe and my great hair stylist buddy (who would like to remain nameless, lets just call her VM ) chose which pink, I let her make these types of decisions as, a) she has good taste b) I trust her &
c) I'm either being lazy or indecisive....VM then pulled the top of my hair up into a topknot to see how short we could go leaving enough hair for an updo then she shaved the undercut in and cut the hair (what will become the bob cut) to the shortest possible length. The pink went on after the bleach and the tramlines were just something VM added for fun. Voila! New hair! I proper love it!! It's still really versatile so I can style it up No Debutante stylee, here's a few styles I've tried out so far, there will be plenty more where these came from for sure! Thanks VM!!

 Topknot with  patterned tramlined undercut
 Half updo
 The Bob
 Topknot with pink Fringe

All clothing by That Thing, Neat Frontage, Adidas, Urban Outfitters, Tezla, The White Pepper & Reebok Classics.

Photography and styling by No Debutante

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