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Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Loose Fit

My most popular instagram outfits usually contain one item of clothing that everyone seems to love......my loose fit, oversized shirts from Lazy Oaf. I (so far) have three of these eighties inspired beauties, they are exactly as my Mum wore in the eighties except for one small change, the buttons do all the way up, during the eighties a fashionista might have the shirt left open at the neck (or in fact the top three button were never added in the first place) my Mum would have worn her graphic printed and bright coloured shirts with the collar up and more often then not, paired with baggy jeans or trousers. I love everything about the eighties version except the collar. I like my collar buttoned all the way up, unless I'm wearing the shirt undone of course, but the collar will remain flat!! This is why the Lazy Oaf shirt is perfect, long, loose and buttons to the top!

Lazy Oaf have been a favourite label of mine for about three years but have actually been (self confessed) 'Keeping It Weird since 2001'. The cut of my favourite Lazy Oaf shirt(s) is loose and actually oversized, it does what it says on the tin. I'm tall and athletic, with a very long body so I expect things to be oversized when they say they are. Lazy Oaf never let me down. The prints are bold, contemporary and sometimes a little controversial, with slogans and comical images or in contrast quite minimal leaving the colour and the cut to do all the work. Mixing streetwear styling with Kawaii cute pastel shades, cuts and frills with the gawky, teenage poses, pouts and frowns of the Lazy Oaf models, they are a brand and have everything covered.....

All shirts by Lazy Oaf

Photography and styling (images 1-6) by No Debutante
Images  7 - 14 sourced from Lazyoaf.com

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