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Monday, 19 September 2016


Gypsy Sport pretty much describes my summer style. I have dubbed (or rather hashtagged) this side of my style as boho or Dolly Sports. Its sports wear mixed with sheer fabrics and boho influences. A pair of Adidas tracksuit bottoms worn under a sheer slip dress or sports socks and sliders worn with a tasselled kimono, crop top and retro style sports shorts. I love the juxtaposition of the pretty festival boho garments and dolly smocks worn with street-styled up sportswear. I am well aware, it's a look that will upset some people but I just adore it. This look may be a bit extreme for some but I am already a massive fan. Pretty dresses and cute sports wear? What's not to like here?

Imagine my joy when I discovered Gypsy Sport the brand, which happens to be a New York label by the club kid designer Rio Uribe who mixes sheers and slip dresses with sportswear, redesigning sports wear street styles, creating an androgynous & edgy unisex collection with models dressed in glitter make up, sportswear, slip dresses embellished with fringed tassells and frills, in oversized cuts and bright colours. Gypsy Sport are ridiculously unique and have stepped way out of the fashion comfort box, it's proper No Debutante fuelled styling, I wanna join the Gypsy Sport tribe!

All images sourced from vogue.com

All clothing from Gypsy Sport Spring Summer 2017

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