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Tuesday, 4 October 2016

October Transitions

As October 2016 began I was at the beach getting an end of the summer surf in before the cold weather arrives. The weather was great and the surf was good, without a pair of tights or a jacket in sight, not bad for October in England (or Porthcawl in Wales on this occasion). This brings me to the subject of transitional dressing, having to slowly add extra layers to your outfit can be quite daunting, you have to get creative and not just get yourself dressed up to then go and hide all your hard work underneath a warm coat....the whole look has to work, not just the first layer.  I personally have a collection of outer garments from knitwear, jackets and coats so that my whole outfit works, even when it's freezing, love your outerwear too!!

Here are few recent No Debutante style outfits where the transitional dressing has already started to sneak in. I refuse to go straight into full blast Autumn, I'm almost ignoring it, hoping it might go away.......

 Jeans Under Dresses
 Leggings and Sports socks
 Print Clash!

 Long sleeve T-shirts

 Sneaking some summer style back in...

 October Fashion

All clothing by Adidas, Urban Outfitters, Tezla, The White Pepper, Lazy Oaf, Topshop, Vision Streetwear, Converse, American Apparel, Dr Martins, BTR & Reebok Classics.

Photography and styling by No Debutante

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