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Monday, 27 January 2014

No Debutante - Technicolour Dreamcoats

Today's personal style post shows another of my many fashion persona's, it's not rockabilly, it's not grunge, it's print clash fashion mash up! Yey! Both outfits revolve around my Kuccia bomber jacket from Topshop. I love this jacket and only regret that it has been too cold for me to wear it lately. This jacket has a late 1980s/early 1990s hip-hop into rave look about it. Think Salt'n'Pepa, The Fresh Prince of Bell-Air, Nenah Cherry and an early 1990s all-nighter great British rave and you will find this jacket! My husband Phil wasn't convinced on the jackets greatness and said it looked like a shell suit jacket. To be honest it does a bit, but that doesn't stop me from loving it!
 Kuccia is a fantastic British fashion label and I really should do a post on them soon (I'll get pinning their images straight after I finish this blog post, then it will be logged onto my Pinterest boards and there will be no stopping me!) If you can't wait until then check out the brilliantly colourful and print emblazoned fashion mash up website. http://www.kuccia.com 
 I want everything!!! I love Kuccia!!! 
I cannot wait to get some of their swim wear for my Ibiza holiday and to wear my jacket more as the weather gets warmer. Technicolour and retro sportswear are big this summer so I can definitely add my Kuccia jacket to my new summer 2014 wardrobe. Watch this space for more variations on how I wear technicolour sportswear!

So, check out today's personal style pics, which of course feature my mini me Sylvie Belle, who is randomly dressed a lot like Mummy (in the first photographs) with our black band tees and printed leggings, I'd like to say I did that on purpose, I didn't, but we definitely rock!! 
The second look is more girlie than groupie, there is still a lot of colour and print clashing going on with printed tees and floral skater skirts. I have managed to sneak a bit of rockabilly in with a victory roll and creeper shoes. Nice!

All clothing from Kuccia, Topshop, H&M, Converse, Office,  Underground, Urban Outfitters, Little Bird and Mothercare.

Thanks for following and reading and I shall be back very soon xx

ND xx

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