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Thursday, 2 January 2014

G-Star Women's Night

I was invited along to the G-Star Women's night back in the Autumn by the lovely Carmen who is the G-Star ladieswear specialist from the Bristol, UK Flagship store. The event was to promote the ladieswear range and the new slim fit edition jeans and also to encourage more ladies into the Bristol shop which has so far been more popular with the Male Bristol shopper. I have no idea why this is, I guess different areas have different looks and tastes, it may also have something to do with ladies ranges being at the back of the shop, whatever the reasons Carmen and the rest of G-Star Bristol team are determined to change this and make G-Star Women work for Bristol.

The ranges are very military and utilitarian inspired but if you look closer at the ladieswear ranges you will find lots of feminine pieces for the not-so-tomboy types including fitted jackets and skinny jeans. I know that I am currently not a fan of skinny jeans (due to my over wearing of them for the past 13 years) but I love G-star's jackets and shirts and those amazing A-Crotch tapered jeans!!! I picked out a denim skinny jacket to wear at the event but there were loads to choose from, I decided on a jacket that went with the outfit I was wearing which included 1950s jeans, a crop top and Dr Martens, a washed denim skinny jacket seemed the best choice as the colour contrasted with my jeans and had a skinhead inspired style to go with the Docs. Carmen wore top to toe G-star, I loved her shirt with the western inspired ribbon tie and her super skinnies that looked great with killer red heels and Carmen's stunning, androgynous look.

On arrival we were treated to Mohito cocktails and given lipstick make overs from Bare Minerals    and movie style curls and waves courtesy of hair stylists from Sean Hanna Bristol all to the backdrop sound of Bristol's own Dutty Girl/ Dutty Bass super cool lady DJ Dissmiss.
Lot's of ladies were very enthusiastic about getting their make up and hair done and there was a lot of trying on of the G-Star ladieswear ranges going on so hopefully the night was a success for the Bristol G-Star store.

Here's a few photographs I took on the night (and my friend and guest for the night, Sarah helped to get some personal style pics for the blog for me, of course!).

Thanks for the invite Carmen!! Check out the G-Star website here https://www.g-star.com and for more onfo on G-Star check out my last G-Star post here http://no-debutante.blogspot.co.uk/2013/09/no-debutante-g-star-bristol.html

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Thanks for reading and Happy New Year!!!

ND xx

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