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Tuesday, 21 January 2014

No Debutante - Personality Crisis

Here are two very different day to day looks from me. The only thing they have in common is my H&M leopard fur. The first look has a playful rockabilly feel to it, with my victory rolled hair, crop tee, Vivien of Holloway vintage cut jeans, ankle socks and Converse. I wore this outfit on a trip to Bath, where I met up with friends and booked my tattoo appointment. It was a good day!
The second outfit is grunge and Saint Laurent AW13 inspired with my cute Peter Pan collar Primark dress, fur and Dr Martens. Rockabilly and grunge are two popular styles for me at the moment, I was about to list a few more of my current fashion personalities but there were too many, plus I have just rediscovered the 1970s again which only adds to my fashion madness, I am definitely a fashionista with a personality crisis and it would be no fun if I wasn't!
Not to be upstaged, my little fashionista Sylvie Belle makes an appearance to show you how she works colour, print clashes, long socks and Hello Kitty Vans. Dressing little girls is much more fun than dressing little boys!

I'm off to get everything ready for work tomorrow, my weekend ends on a Tuesday! Have a good week and thanks for reading xx
ND xx

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