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Saturday, 18 January 2014

Cherry Bomb! Meadham Kirchhoff X Topshop

I seem to have a current obsession for Meadham Kirchhoff's latest collection for Topshop. I have pinned nearly every image from pinterest and have since been lucky enough to receive a few pieces from the collection for myself for Christmas from my gorgeous husband Phil. It seemed only right to do a post on this current obsession and as many of you know I do love a bit of an avant garde, anti-fashion, trashy mash up and Meadham Kitrchhoff  are just brilliant at it!
I would like to point out that this collection has now sold out, just in case you try to get yourself some. I am not generally in the habit of trying to be the first blogger to mention the latest big thing, I just share stuff that I like whether it’s current or from the past and if you do follow me, you already understand this! Basically, like my style, anything could happen in this blog! Remember, you can get inspired by a designer collection and just recreate it using your own wardrobe and a few new accessories, stripey lurex tights, frilly socks, 1970s shirts, crochet and furs and then in true Meadham Kirchhoff inspired style, wear it all at once to massive excess!! Job done!
I love the fun and OTT inspiration behind the latest Topshop and Meadham Kirchhoff collection which was created around the idea of the fictional girl band 'The Cherrys', a group of individual girls with individual styles, invented by the princes of kitsch who ask  'Which Cherry are you? '
After carefully examining The four Cherrys I have come to the conclusion that I am definitely Cherry Pikka who loves colour clashes and fabric mash-ups, she is the most mischievous Cherry who’s off kilter looks break all the rules! In fact I think this is describing me, I am Cherry Pikka! 

The other Cherry’s include Cherry Satanika who is ridiculously rebellious, the leader of the pack and has a naughty but nice style, Cherry Cherie who is rather demure and has a penchant for prints and eye-catching 1970s styles and Cherry Blossom who loves pastels and her novelty cuddly monster scarf (I Want!!) and oozes bitter sweetness, she is the most marshmallow sweet Cherry.
 Which Cherry are you???

The collection itself is a fantastic mix of 1970s granny chic, bohemian styling, Sex Shop punk, pretty pastel fluffiness, baby doll glamour, novelty accessories and glam rock. My favourite pieces include the glittery lurex socks and tights, cherry prints, frilly bloomers, furry bags, all of the novelty platform shoes and  Cherry blossoms amazing Monster scarf!  I regret not trying to get the Monster scarf now but I am lucky enough to own two pairs of the Glam rock stripey lurex tights and the frilly cherry ankle socks, so i cannot complain! Here are few of my favourite images from the collection, plus images of how other including Susie Bubble wear theirs and you might even see a couple of personal style shots of me in mine! Enjoy!

All images courtesy of topshop.com, us.topshop.com and http://instagram.com/nodebutante. 
Phew! That post was a long time coming. I have been living in the house of ill for over a week and we are still all suffering one way or another, I am glad to be slowly emerging back into the land of the living and what a better way to break me back into blogging than with a full on, all blazing, Meadham Kirchhoff post! 
I love Meadham Kirchhoff!! Thanks for the inspiration!
Thank you for reading, I shall be back real soon with my latest personal style post. Have a great week and never tame the fashionista in you!
ND xx

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