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Saturday, 4 January 2014

No Debutante - Since Yesterday

So, here's to the first personal style post of  the year, although I am inevitably still playing catch up with all my personal style photographs from the latter end of 2013. You will see me hiding from the rain and photographing myself in the bombsite of what was my kitchen getting it's makeover (a blog post on this to come in 2014) on a quick moment whilst there were no workmen in my house to witness me taking the obligatory personal style shots of myself whilst they stand on in total confusion, wondering why I would do this. Despite me sharing my personal style photographs with the whole world, I do not wish to have the whole world watching me take them! 

The outfits I have chosen to wear for this particular personal style post are quite girlie with a cute little dress and pinafore but there is a slight punk, grunge even a Lolita Gothic element to today's looks with black being the main colour worn in mock leather with Dr Marten boots and my hair worn centre parted and down. I also have my little personal style assistant, soon to be fashionista Sylvie Belle joining me in one of the photoshoots (the rainy day kitchen bombsite one) who, as regular visitors to the No Debutante blog will know,  joins me in my shoots alot, whether I like it or not. As any parents among you will know kids follow you everywhere and want to do what you are doing. Out of my three children, however, Sylvie is the only one who seems interested. She is the cutest little thing, how could I refuse!

All clothing from Primark, Dr Martens, H&M and New Look.

I forgot to say that I am very excited as we have already booked our summer holiday to Ibiza! Whoop! I am already planning my holiday outfits in my head and can I start packing now please? It's only seven months to go....

Thanks for reading and I shall be back soon with more fashionista fun!

ND xx

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