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Sunday, 30 September 2012

Whole Lotta Sylvie - 8-9 months

It's been a long while since you have seen her but it is now time to reveal more lovely photographs of my beautiful little Sylvie Belle and her fashion moments, of course.
Sylvie has just turned 10 months and I cannot believe it has gone so fast, you'd think I'd be used to it by now since Sylvie is baby number three, but the speed at which a child grows up is quite shocking!! You always seem to hurry things with the first baby always wanting them to progress and be into the next thing, it's exciting, but then you realise they are 8 years old and your second child is nearly six....you get the idea....
Sylvie now has four teeth, the two front bottom ones and a couple of fangs which is...interesting....She is trying to pull herself up to stand, has no interest in crawling and bottom shuffles to get to that thing on floor that she has spotted. Sylvie has settled into nursery, very well, which is both great and upsetting, it makes you think she ain't bothered either way! Ha! I'm sure she is...isn't she?

8 months old -Sylvie wearing her homemade Dead Kennedys t-shirt (what little girrrrl wouldn't want to wear a Holiday in Cambodia t-shirt??) spotty bloomers, tights and baby Converse boots. My little Riot Grrrrl.  

The above three photographs were taken on our family holiday to Ibiza. I love the top ones of Sylvie and Daddy. Here Sylvie is wearing her tasselled I love Ibiza t-shirt (as a dress) I searched everywhere for one of these in her size and on the last day I found it! It is so tacky that it's cool! All Sylvie needed was her hair tightly braided and then she'd look like all the other little girls on the island!! Hee Hee! Sylvie worked her Ibiza t-shirt.

That's enough photographs or Sylvie and Daddy, here's Sylvie and Mummy working the prints! My sock Mummy, my sock!

 Mix prints and layering.
My friend Rudi gave Sylvie this dress, I'm not sure where it's from, possibly Baby Gap but it's real pretty, I am still dressing Sylvie in the dolly print trousers and dress (more of a smock these days) that I bought from The Pippa and Ike Show shop when Sylvie was a week or so old. It was expensive....and I like to get my moneys worth!
I love the above photograph, Sylvie has the darkest and biggest brown eyes out of the whole family, a friend calls her Maltezer Eyes.
Sylvie is a little doll , I'm so proud of her! ND xx

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