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Monday, 24 September 2012

It's too early for that dress - Post Pregnancy Fashion Dilemmas Part 14

So, what's been happening with me? Why haven't I managed any blog posts for over a week?? Well, the kids started back at school and I started back at work, so I have been juggling my job with my home life (and all those kids!!) My husband Phil's band The Relay Rips had an album launch and we have been sorting out lots of different DJ ventures for our club night Bang AND also have a family event which we are working on! I'm tired just thinking about it all, we are busy, but we like it that way! I personally get bored too easily, I am only sad that I haven't been able to blog more often, missing out on vital posts on London Fashion Week too...but hey, I am not your usual fashion blogger I guess!
I am now slightly saddened to announce that this is the last of the posts named
 It's too early for that dress - Post Pregnancy Fashion Dilemmas
as it has now been 9 months since I gave birth to my beautiful little girl Sylvie Belle and I am just about back to my old size, give or take a few pounds. It's time to stop relying on the old 'just had a baby' excuse and just bloody get on with it!!!! I haven't come up with a new name for my new Personal street style blog posts, so I need to crack on with that. Any help with this would be great.....it will have to be a song title or the name of a band (or film) of course, cos that's how I roll.
I only have a couple of images to show you from the end of August 2012, I think I had been driven mad by having the kids being constantly with me all Summer, taking photos of what I had been wearing didn't seem to be a priority!

Leopard print sandels, leopard print trousers and turquiose nail varnish! I was rather pleased with this ensemble.

This image rather sums up my summer in fashion, the colours and prints are all there but I look like I'm about keel over with tiredness. This photo was taken on a very sunny day at the Weston-super-Mare (my hometown) Steam Fair. We go there every year and meet up with my old school friend Rachel and her kids, the boys all love it and go on everything.....and we stand there holding the coats.......I remember saying I would never become that person.......Ha!

A brief look at how a womans body can change during pregnancy from a little pot belly to heffalump from 18 -40 weeks and then 9 months later below! It is quite amazing AND look what I managed to make, grow and nurture in that year , she's behind me in the floral Cath Kidston Maclaren buggy (now you're just showing off) the last image for my It's too early for that dress - Post Pregnancy Fashion Dilemmas post.
This image was the only survivng fashion image of me from my Ibiza holiday, I was too hot to care about photographing what I was wearing!

I love you Sylvie Belle!
Farewell Post Pregnancy body, I will not miss you! ND xx

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