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Wednesday, 12 September 2012

My Style Icons - Chloe Sevigny

It has been ages since I posted about one of my Style Icons and since I have been on Pinterest I have collected a whole lot more, so we must crack on! The next on the list is the quirky, indie model, actress and fashion designer Chloe Sevigny.
I first spotted Chloe modelling for the Miu Miu campaign back in the 1990s, I loved it that she was not a conventional beauty (apart from Kate Moss who was pretty rock n roll) the Super model still reigned at this time and I did not aspire to be one of them at all. I loved it that Chloe Sevigny still looked like a kid, she dressed for her age. I despair when I see young models and girls dressed up like a 30 year old woman, now there is nothing wrong with a 30 something woman, I just don't get it when kids wanna dress to look mature, you can still wear heels and make-up but keep it, well, young, please!! I guess I can't talk, there is probably some (many) teenagers somewhere thinking that they hate 30 something women dressed in Topshop and DJing (really great music) in clubs.....but you get my point!!
So, yeah, I noticed Chloe Sevigny, she looked young, cool and indie, she had short hair and was a little gawky. I then watched the film Kids which I loved and hated at the same time, loved for the nostalgia of partying when you are real young but hated because there is some disturbing shit in it and I hate the slurping sound of teenagers eating each others faces! Gummo however, (another  Harmony Korinefilm starring Chloe Sevigny) white trash as you like, probably even more disturbing, I loved! I think I loved it because it was so low budget and indie and of course the stylist for the film was Chloe Sevigny, the costumes were basic, trashy and inspiring!
There shall now be a very long line of images of Chloe Sevigny, I couldn't edit it down, they were all too good to be missed out.

The Miu Miu Campaign 1996

Kids 1995

Gummo 1997

Grunge geek to rock n roll sex goddess in the change of an outfit...

I definitely had this haircut! I pretty much have the cardigan below too.

Vision Streetwear X by Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony
I had to add this image from the range, I love Vision Streetwear, we have some original pieces that were Phil's from the 1990s. I love the logo and I am loving those long coats, they remind me of every American cult teenage film from the late 1980s!! I think I want one.

Chloe Sevigny modelling for the Miu Miu Campaign for 2012, 16 years after she last modelled for them back in 1996. More David Bowie than little indie kid but hey, he's one of my Style Icons too!!
I love you Chloe Sevigny, please can I have some of your Vision Streetwear outfits, be in an indie film with you and generally be you? Chloe.......Chloe...??
ND xx

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