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Monday, 10 September 2012

Meadham Kirchhoff AW 2012 - Wham Bam Thank-you Maam!

Hello. I hope you are sitting comfortably? It is now time for another of my current obsessions and favourites from the Autumn Winter 2012 shows, a little later than most fashion bloggers (even though I have had the images on file and on Pinterest for ages) but as you may or may not know, I prefer to post about most of the images from the shows during the season they were meant for, rather than half a year earlier when they are shown at Fashion week, but that's just me!
The next show is from the Meadham Kirchhoff 2012 Collection. Again, it is one of the more avant garde collections from this season, but that is what I am interested in and inspired by. I want outrageous hair and make-up, bright colourful printed clothes and general outrageous nous, safe and  high street ready is not what I am into. I want to be inspired!!
Meadham Kirchhoff AW 2012 has all this and more, it is theatrical, punk, androgynous, glam rock, alien, glittery heaven! I bloody love it!

This is my favourite outfit from the collection and probably the easiest to recreate. It's a mix up of David and Angie Bowie, it's androgynous, glam rock and very 1970s. I love the multi coloured fur jacket, the 1970s tank top worn over a brightly coloured top, with Bay City Rollers' Fans style long socks worn with platforms and customised denim shorts.
This outfit also reminds me of how I used to dress when I met my husband Phil back in 2001, I used to customise everything and often wore long stripey socks under high turned up skinny jeans or with customised denim skirts and now the long stripey socks and tights are calling me, I am sure Phil misses it too! Ha!

More glitter, tartan and stripes. It's a 1970s punk Vs  pop style mash up!

Big glittery or leopard print knickers over stripey tights and customised denim!

Ziggy Stardust inspired 1970s Alien or 1980s Boy George Culture Club era?

Ruffled dresses, stripey tights and furs Vs Tartan and stripes
I am not sure about the ruffle dresses but I can make this look work with my own dresses. I'm inspired to make myself one of those Tartan skirts, god knows, I would prefer the real thing!!

This illustration is from another of my current obsessions Kris Atomic (great name for starters) who has now become my new favourite Fashion Illustrator. I love her illustrations sooooo much and I am completely inspired to start doing fashion illustrations again......It has been a long time coming.....Kris Atomic has a fantastic blog find her here http://blog.krisatomic.com She also gets invited to lots of Fashion shows too and gets to take some great front row shots, see images below for a sneak preview of some Kris Atomic Photography.

I love you Meadham Kirchhoff and Kris Atomic!!!!!
Ok, I am off to find a brightly coloured,  ill fitting wig to place on top of my head, colour my face in blue and pick up the kids from the school run..........ND xx

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