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Thursday, 1 March 2012

Whole Lotta Sylvie - Part 2

It's that time again to show off my little Sylvie Belle and for you to see how much I am enjoying turning her into my little Harajuku doll! Poor thing. Sylvie is growing out of her first clothes week by week which is sad and great at the same time, It's so confusing being a Mum, you want your babies to stay babies forever but then you also want to watch them grow and learn new things. I am trying my hardest to take it all in as I know how fast it goes by. I was horrified this week when I realised Lucian and Mika, Sylvie's older brothers will be 9 and 7 years old next year!! Shocking!

Sylvie has recently realised she can pick things up using her hands which pleases her, her laugh is a big squeal and she thinks her brother Mika is hilarious. Sylvie is 13 weeks old.

8 Weeks Old - Sylvie watching her big brother Lucian play basketball with her Dad.

Red knitted cardi -a handmade gift, pink spotty leggings - Mamas and Papas (a gift from Daddy) and pink socks  - H&M.

Pink cardigan  -H&M and Tutu - Mamas and Papas.

9 Weeks Old - As you can see Sylvie is still sporting the mohawk so to make her look a bit more lady like (and a little less like her brother Lucian) I have popped her into this cute little vintage royal blue and white dress  (polyester no less) with embroidered trim. This dress is another 1970's one of mine found in my Mum's attic - great hoarding Mum!

I try and put Sylvie in a dress as often as possible to help me when I'm old and can't remember which of my children it is in the photo.

Here's a better photograph of the Debenhams Blue Zoo dress from the previous Whole Lotta Sylvie blog post back in January. I am going to have to go back on my word about how great Blue Zoo at Debenhams is though, I went back a couple of weeks ago and didn't like anything. Maybe they were having a bad week, I don't know. I think I just got lucky that day when I found all the cute stuff.....in Debenhams? Yes, just once...

Sylvie is laying on her Snuggle Me pram blanket from Mamas and Papas. It's looks handmade and is really usefull in the pram, it has cute little ties so you can swaddle her up, she looks like a little bit of Sushi in it! You can also open it up as a playmat, I love it!

Knitted stripey dress - Next, Stripey Leggings and socks  - H&M

11 Weeks Old - Sylvie in her cute spotty car seat which matches her pram  - a car seat is the most useful  seat if you have a baby with a dummy, it catches the dummy when it falls out (that's pretty much constantly - I'm not forcing her to have the dummy - honest!) those bouncy chairs don't care about your dummy, they'll let it drop on the dirty floor.

The whole pink outfit is from H&M - Lazy Mummy!

Super Cute! The cute pink owl top was a gift from a friend (who shall remain nameless) I am not allowed to tell her partner how much this cost as she got it from my new favourite boutique in Bristol The Pippa and Ike show, so it won't be cheap......I promise I won't tell Pete How much it.....oooopps!!

Owl top - Pippa and Ike Show, leggings and socks - H&M

13 Weeks Old - Aye Aye! Sailor! More Sailor Girl styling for Sylvie. Check out the mermaid pose and everything!

I think the next post shall be all about Me and my fashion moments and problems as a girl who recently had a baby and can't quite get back into all her clothes, which is annoying! ND XX

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