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Thursday, 22 March 2012

The Kids Are Alright - A Day Out At Toybox Studios

I have realised that I haven't mentioned my son's Lucian and Mika for a while and since we have recently been out on a family trip to Toybox Studios in Bristol, I thought it would be interesting to show you how they've grown and what they have been up to. We were lucky enough to go along and hang out at the recording studios for the afternoon, whilst the Toybox guys were off at ATP (All Tomorrows Parties) - a mini festival for musos and indie kids held at Butlins holiday camp in Minehead, UK. I was, of course, highly jealous that I wasn't at ATP this year too, but if I will go and have another baby......The Toybox guys were actually working but that's not the point, they were there!! 
How did we get to go to Toybox Studios then? Well, Steve, who is the drummer in The Relay Rips, a great band (the best in the world I have heard) my husband Phil plays trumpet, my brother Mike is lead vocals/ guitar and Jake, not related to me in anyway, on saxamaphone(sorry I cannot call it anything else since The Simpsons). Steve has a guitar repair unit at Toybox and also does many other things at Toybox....I imagine...he let us explore the cavernous studios and the boys (Lucian and Mika) got to play along, as percussionists, with The Relay Rips, as they rehearsed. Lucian played Phil's trumpet for a whole song too, which was amazing (his dad has given him cornet lessons since he was big enough to pick the cornet up) both boys had a go on the drums, they were really, very good for beginners, it was pretty impressive! I'd like to thank me for this as I took them both to my club Bang in my belly and used to practise the drums too. Ahem... I think they probably got their musical talent from their Daddy but I like to be more than just the baby growing machine! 
Here are a few photos of the day, taken by the lovely Stevie, thanks for letting us visit!!

Lucian and Mika at Toybox Studios, Bristol, March 2012  -Rock'n'Roll! If it's good enough for PJ Harvey and The Kills, it's good enough for the Ellicott Boys.

The Relay Rips Juniors - This is a more serious band pose, look at the attitude on Lucian! He looks older than 7 years old here and check out Mika's sunglasses on his t-shirt.....Can I just mention, I am not allowed to dress them anymore....what's that all about?? At least I get to buy their clothes....You still need me....

The Relay Rips (with Lucian and Naomi  - Mike's lovely girlfriend,). I had to hang out in another room as the music was too loud for little Sylvie's ears, damn it, I knew I should have got her some of those cute baby headphones you see at festivals.

The Relay Rips are about to release their second album recorded at Toybox Studios, you can also get their first album Oh Touche on  iTunes or Spotify, they are currently making music videos too, I will deffo post about these when I get them. ND xx

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