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Monday, 5 March 2012

It's too early for that dress......Post Pregnancy Fashion Dilemmas - Part 2

The sun is shining and Spring is on the horizon and although I seem to miss my bump a little bit now, I am looking forward to spending the warmer months with my new little baby Sylvie (and all those boys - of course!). The other thing I am looking forward to is a Summer with no maternity clothes!! I can wear my Summer wardrobe - all being well, with me fitting into it, that is.

I have started to wear dresses again as the breast feeding starts to take a back seat (due to many issues that I won't go into now) I love dresses and I have missed wearing the ones I have, let alone buying more dresses. Dresses....aren't they great?

This is my brilliant Tatty Devine customised necklace. My husband Phil got it me for Christmas but I got to choose the font, colour, the word (obviously) and the type of chain and the wonderful Tatty Devine create your own bespoke necklace for you. You can get yours by following this link https://www.tattydevine.com/name-necklace-new.html

I chose 'bloody' font in black and a black chain....think I was having a dark day....there are loads of colours and styles to choose from and you can add charms too which is cute. The standard size comes to £27.50 (I think they only deliver these to the UK but please double-check that with Tatty  Devine). I have just had look at their website again and I want more already, I shall start hinting for Mothers Day, I think!

I do love a cardigan!  

DMs, long socks and turned up drainpipes....The UK TV series and film This Is England inspired me to buy some DMs a couple of years ago, they still look pretty new and need scuffing up a bit. I have been into the whole Skins look for years...Fred Perry's, braces, turn -up drainpipes, the whole look is so cool!!

Mix print shoes and socks to add contrast and texture to my otherwise (unusually for me) dark winter wardrobe. I still can't seem to shake the dark colours which I had taken to wearing when I was pregnant as they were more flattering by the end!

So I got an afternoon off from having the kids the other weekend and went to Primark...I spent a fortune....which is quite difficult to do in Primark as it's so damn cheap! I got this oversized cardigan and this cute sixties style mini dress with sailor style collar for about £22 (for both!!) I blew the rest of the money on kids clothes and even got Phil some stripey Breton style t-shirts....can't be bad!

I'm trying out something different with my hair, which is already getting out of control again! Damn I need a haircut every 3 weeks, my hair doesn't seem to grow it just gets out of control! Annoying! I'm going for the sixties style side sweep with a 1990s britpop girl hair grip.

I was wearing lots of layers and a maxi dress on this day but the photos came out blurred. Here's a good one of my footwear, you can just about see the maxi dress!

Here's Me and Sylvie, Im looking a bit more colourful here in my favourite old punk knit and digital print jersey trousers both from Topshop. Sylvie's wearing mostly Baby Gap and those expensive Boden tights (which I can't afford).

Look the sun came out today!!! I felt a fool taking this photo of myself in my garden, my neighbours are going to be wondering what on earth I'm doing. As i'm so pleased with my new dress I wore again, this time with jeans, I can still breast feed like this as my pants won't be on show when I lift up the dress! Winner!

 Phew! Doing this blog makes me realise I need to wear more of my clothes as I wouldn't want to bore my followers with the same old stuff..... . To be honest, although  I am a self confessed disposable fashion lover I do keep and wear alot of my clothes for years so I feel justified in my mass shopping!

I am back DJing at my club night Bang this Friday and I am having a fashion dilemma, as usual! I haven't DJ'd for months so I am very excited!!! My next post will possibly be a look back at previous Bang fashion moments so you can see what I look like when I have more than 10 minutes to get ready in the morning (yes this includes a shower)....I don't want to up your expectations too much though! ND xx

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