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Monday, 27 February 2012

My Style Icons - Patricia Arquette in True Romance

It's been a few months since I have mentioned one of my Style Icons so let me introduce the next one, this gorgeous lady isn't actually my Style Icon, it is her on screen character Alabama Whitman from the fantastic 1993 film True Romance.

Where do I begin with True Romance? The name Alabama is cool as for starters, the film is brilliant, Christian Slater is hot as Clarence Worley, the rest of the cast including Christopher Walken and Gary Oldman are legend and to top it off the film is written by Quentin Tarantino!

Patricia Arquette is the cutest, hottest, cool, gorgeous Alabama who has a fantastic southern drawl accent and can I say the best wardobe ever! Which is some achievement since she mainly lives out of a suitcase, which is pretty much missing through most of the film! Oh, and apparently 'she tastes like a peach'.

 The colour palette of Alabama's wardrobe pretty much consists of red, turquoise and pink mixed with animal and polka-dot prints....all my favourites! The styling is half 1950s retro and half 1980s for me, despite the film coming out in the 1990s. I like the way she mixes dressing up and down together with hoodies, leopard print and the sluttiest dresses she can find, topped off with vintage style sunglasses and red lipstick and nails.

I think Alabama had been beaten up here, hence the black eyes......This is just a great shot of one of  the vintage style gypsy tops she wears. I'm not sure I will be wearing sheer tops to reveal my lovely new turquoise bra (which I have already bought in my head) but they do some great versions at my favourite retro boutique Vivien of Holloway - vivienofholloway.com. I love the way Alabama still manages to seem quite sweet and innocent despite being a bit of a whore and actually quite tough!

Aah! Pink leopard print leggings with the turquiose! Love!

A good example of mixing glam leopard print with sportwear here. I love the coat, turn up jeans and baseball boot combo. Very cute. In the film Christian Slater's character Clarence was a massive Elvis fan so he always went for the 1950s styling, bowling shirts seemed to be popular with him, very Americana 1950s style which is massive this season.

Here's Alabama looking her hottest, it must have been very hot that day too since she has chosen to just wear the bra on this occasion. It's a great example of underwear as outwear, I guess. The chemistry between Patricia Arquette and Christian Slater in this film was amazing and totally believable. I fell in love with them too!

This is soooo cute! Clarence has just married Alabama and I am loving her wedding outfit. The leopard print coat worn over the curvacious super sexy red dress (which you obviously can't see here) sheer tights and cute little turq ankle boots! Even her box bag is cute!  Love it!

Watch True Romance tonight and fall in love with Alabama and Clarence all over again! Like I did.


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