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Thursday, 15 March 2012

Bang - Nearly 10 years of outfits - A DJ has to look good! Part 1

I was very excited to return to DJ at my new favourite club Bang last Friday. Bang is my club night that I put on with my husband Phil and my brother Mike and it's been going for a whopping nine years (yes, I have managed to have three kids in that time).
 I haven't been at Bang since last August for one reason or another, the main one being pregnant and feeling ill.
I wanted to show y'all what I wore on Friday but thought it might be fun to show you some older Bang fashion moments too, so you can see what I used to look like.
 This set are from the last 5 years I reckon but my husband is currently searching hard drives and Cd's for all our old Bang photos, good luck with that Phil!

I reckon this one is from 2007 when Bang was still upstairs at the old rock club The Hatchet in Bristol, great venue, ran by idiots....enough said....I am dancing in this photo and do look a bit mad but check out the orange eye shadow and nails? I'm wearing a 60s style shift dress that I made about 10 years ago out of Ikea curtain fabric. A friend on the night said I looked like an Alien Go-Go dancer, which I, of course, took as a compliment! The dress always got a lot of compliments actually.
I'm going to find it.

2009 - I know that because I wore this River Island jumpsuit on my honeymoon to Japan. Looks like this is where the pink rinses in my hair started, it's very subtle, but it's there, years before everyone else got pink hair! Check me out....ha!

The three photos above were taken on Bang's 8th Birthday party by a photographer from Bristol Magazine Nitelife, god, that boy got in everyone's way when they were dancing but he did manage to get some amazing shots! When I take photos at Bang I worry I'm annoying people too much and don't wanna interrupt them mid dancing! People tend to leap about alot at Bang, you see. This was our first night at Bang's new home The Big Chill Bar in Bristol and it was truly rammed!

Me and my friend Knitted Nicky (loves a bit of knitwear, actually she is made of wool) an example of people leaping about at Bang. Love Nicky's cute little outfit, I've gone for a harsher punk look here it seems.

Smartened myself up a bit here in a cropped jacket, no less! The leopard print jumpsuit is tiny though so that slutted the outfit up a bit. I became obsessed with curling my hair (with my babyliss curling wand) that year, as you will see. Look at the geisha girl blusher too, whooooaa!

Lovin this playsuit from Topshop, I wore it to death.

A more laid back look this time in my favourite Xray Spex XL t-shirt and probably bloomers ( not seen...unfortunately) Hair getting bigger.

2011 - I was 12 weeks pregnant with Sylvie here, wish my waist was that small now! Looks like I've just played a bit of The Fall.....Theme from Sparta FC...I love it!

Here's me back at Bang in a bit of animal print, of course! Slightly odd photos and still carrying some baby podge, but I had to complete this post! I'm playing B52s - Rock Lobster, I'm happy!

I will put up the first 5 years photos as soon as we find them, expect lots of handmade creations from my old fashion label Phlem, Why was it called Phlem? That's another story....ND xx

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