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Tuesday, 14 February 2012

It's too early for that dress......Post Pregnancy Fashion Dilemmas

It is now two and a half months since I had my lovely little lady Sylvie Belle and I have had many a fashion dilemma since shedding the gigantica belly and waiting for my normal body to come back....will you ever come back? I guess I should count myself lucky that I don't look like Jabba after three pregnancies and I am getting back to my old self even if it is a bit of a slow process. Dieting will never be an option for me, I like food and drink too much and I also can't be arsed!

So, here are some photos of what I have been wearing with any fashion dilemmas explained.

7 weeks post baby body......Think I was going for a bit of a teddy boy look here. I got the aztec style cardigan for Xmas, it's from New Look, the denim shirt I've had for a few years from Topshop, the jeans are my new high waisters from Topshop, I had to get some new jeans,at this point as I was about an inch away from fitting into my old jeans. I'm wearing my Brothel Creepers that I got from Office in the Autumn, I had stopped wearing them when I was pregnant as they didn't flatter my chunky legs! I've paired them with red socks for a cool contrast.

8 weeks post baby - I have to wear separates as I am still breast feeding Sylvie, you don't want to have to reveal your underwear whilst discreetly trying feed in public! I love dresses so I am finding this hard, it wipes out half of my wardrobe! I am actually missing the H&M bodycon dress that drove me mad as my staple garment during pregnancy. Stripey jumper from Topshop and bodycon skirt H&M.

Yey! I got to go out! Sadly not with my husband Phil, but with my pregnancy partner in crime Rudi! I got to wear a dress and everything cos I didn't have to feed. Exciting! I got to curl my hair and paint my nails (which I rarely have time for these days) I finished the hair off with a cute red headscarf. I wore my new Tiger print Topshop dress, aztec cardigan (as before) and long socks over spotty tights with my cute lace up wedges from New Look purchased last year. I didn't get much of a chance to wear these last year as I cannot wear heels when pregnant! I am pretty tall as it is and totally loose balance. I look like Joey Ramone, not in a good way!

  The New Look wedges and spotty tights!

9 weeks PB - Aaaah! The old favourite red batwing hoodie from American Apparel, I feel all cosy just looking at it! Worn with my digital floral print (very on trend darrrrling) tapered jersey trousers from Topshop summer 2011 ( a present for my birthday from Phil, when I was 'up the duff' and needing elastic waisted trousers!) long socks (it's so cold here!) and red Converse low tops.

On the school run here wearing the aztec cardi again over my 'new favourite' American Apparel low cut front dress and leopard print tee from Topshop, legwarmers over tights.I cannot wear socks with these adorable Topshop wedge boots as the heavy wedge pulls them off! It is rather annoying and I can now only wear them with tights!

The reason this American Apparel dress is my 'new favourite' is that firstly it only cost me about £11 in the sale last year and secondly It's a dress I can wear whilst breast feeding as the front is so low! Brilliant!! It's really comfy too which is a bonus!

Going down the androgynous route again, hair quiffed up, that aztec cardi, Super Lovers tee, new topshop jeans and Converse. I could have tidied up before I took the photo but, I've got more important fashiony thing to do!
I'm all about the print here aztec cardi (I shall try not to wear this so much for the next photos....OMG, I'm wearing it now! I'm so predictable!) black vest (to hide stomach and for easy feeding) and my lovely leopard print Topshop trousers that I can finally do up properly! Finished off with quiff, Deirdre Barlow glasses and extra long scarf.

Forgot to mention I got my hair coloured and cut by the lovely Vikki Mac at Angela Gaudi in Bristol, here's a close up of the quiff. I am trying to grow my hair but Vikki Mac always has other ideas. Look what she did to me below, I made her blend the wedge in a bit, I don't want to look like a total freak on the school run! The colour is a new product we are trying out. I usually have my hair toned pink and have been doing it for a few years, It's my Pink Rinse. However the toner sadly doesn't last so long so Vikki tried something new which I must get the name of. The product is actually for black hair to make it shine but it seems to work on blonde as a colour, it's still in my hair now three weeks on! Love it!

 My new leopard print Converse, another present from Phil for Xmas!

That's all I have for now, the next blog post will either be Spring Summer fashion or Syle Icons, I've been busy with Pinterest which also inspires me for more blogging! So much to do, so little time to waste! I'd better go now, it's half term and I've got Mummy things to do. Back soon ND xx

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