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Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Fade to Gray

I have started collecting together images from the A/W 2012 collections but still have so much to say about the collections for this S/S, after all this is the season we are approaching. To be honest most of the collections that I have gone for from the A/W collections could all be worn in the Summer too (especially in the cold depths of the UK!) I am loving Jeremy Scott's A/W collection and shall be blogging about him in due course but I really think I have found 'My New Favourite Designer' in Louise Gray. Bright colours, clashing prints, crazy styling and great accessories and  hairstyles every time! So before I show you my favourites from her A/W 2012 collection, I would like to share my favourites from Louise Gray's S/S 2012 Collection..........whilst the baby is sleeping.

Let's start with the hair, pink, curled, braids, Love it! This outfit does have the naive look of a fashion student creation, with it's crazy embellishment on sheer fabrics but that's what gives this piece it's charm. It's playful and a bit punk and reminds me of the garments I used to make for my fashion label Phlem back in the day BC (before children) I will deffo get these early 2000's creations up here soon.!!

The hair is verging on platinum dreads here an area I could get dangerously close to without looking like a white rasta. Loving the bright colours and batik-like clashing prints. The construction of these pieces kind of take a back step with this Louise Gray collection, it's more about the styling and how you wear it. You could get this look by mixing prints on t-shirts and skirts and accessorising with more clashing scarves, well that's what I'll probably do anyway. 

I am really into wearing t-shirts under dresses at the moment. you can do it with any sleeveless dress pretty much, it's very 1990s which is what we're aiming for here. Well for me it's an 80s / 90s mash-up. This mix print dress looks really cute with the little white top underneath and finished off with cute frilly ankle socks and wedge sandels. Love it!

I was going to choose one or two of these images but loved them all so here they are! Lots of mix prints and layering here with tassles, scarves and net fascinators. I am loving the way the hair has been made to look more textured and bigger using bits of ribbon and fabric. I could make my short hair look longer doing this....Well in my head I can, I shall blog it if this plan ever works out!

Here are more versions of the fabric hair extensions, I just love it! It's a little bit grunge (stay away from the 90s Crusty look please - I have been saying this to most Bristol bohemians for the past 10 years, but they ain't listening!...uh-oh maybe they are turning ME into one of them! I need to leave Bristol!) It reminds me of Haysi Fantayzee - a much hated (it seems to my horror) band from the 80s featuring 90s clubber DJ Jeremy Healy - the styling is very similar to this collection anyway. See below.

 We also cannot forget Strawberry Switchblade who were the Queens of big be-ribboned crimped hair...I love them....

Louise Gray I think you are fantastic! I shall attempt to covet you this year . Get layering and clashing kids!

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