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Thursday, 2 February 2012

Meadham Kirchhoff - My favourite collection from SS2012

Now that we are finally approaching Spring, it's time to show you my most favourite Collection for the season. I am late blogging about Spring Summer 2012 comapared to most Fashion bloggers but hey, I am not most fashion bloggers! It's not about being the first for me, I only blog about the things I like (or hate on some occassions) I won't be mentioning every show, every season, just the ones that catch my eye or like the Meadham Kirchhoff SS12 Collection, really excite and inspire me!
 How can I start to big up this collection???  The colours, the styling, the prints........I just love it all. It's completely unwearable for most people but I am loving it and will show how I shall be (attempting to) wearing it this year!
It's 70s retro, 60s dolly bird, Harajuku girl, kitsch, cute and a little bit mad! You can see why I love it!

Teddy bear pockets on a turquoise blue mini skirt anyone? Look at the candy floss hair and fluffy wedges? Love it!
 Not only is this tee super cute but I have a history with this print. The lamb transfer was on my dolls cot when I was little. My Grandad made it for me. I then discovered another dolls cot at Phil's parents house (it was Phil's sister Dawn's dolls cot - not Phil's, incase you were wondering) which was also made by Phil's Grandad, with the same transfer! So much for individuality!!! I guess every cot had the lamb on it in the UK during the 1970s! I love it, just the same!
Oh, and despite me rather disliking slogan tshirts ' Riot Not Diet' is one of my mottos!

 Loving the cardigan with the eyes, I do love a bright cardi and this one is fabulous! Teamed with layers of shorts and bloomers (all my favourites and a new thing to try) big white sunglasses, clashing prints, ridiculous bright doll like make-up and candy coloured hair. I think this collection was just made for me!

Cute shorts and skirts are in this Summer!! Yey!! Get yours in bright colours, clashing prints and textures and team with bright tights or socks. This would be especially useful in the UK where the chances to wear no tights and shorts are very limited due to it always being so bloody cold!

Look at these nails?? Are you looking? LOOK!! Retro prints, Japanese style kitsch prints and cartoon vaginas! (that is what that is, isn't it? )

The images remind me of my childhood (the 1970's half) and are also very 'Antoni and Alison' who were my favourite designers during the 1990s. I had loads of stuff from their shop with these type of retro prints on. I must blog them on here some day. Anyway to see what they have been up to in 2000's look here www.antoniandalison.co.uk I dont think they have updated their site for a while though, which is a shame!

 The little Japanese-esque hearts remind me of Peskimo illustrations and prints. Peskimo are local artists from here in Bristol, I have a few of their prints (which I must blog soon) I am also very lucky to be good friends with Peskimo and my baby girl Sylvie was lucky enough to receive a Knitted Bunny from them as a gift! Thanks Peskimo! find them here www.peskimo.com
 I am very excited about this....These nail wraps are soon to be available by Nail Rock at Topshop for a limited period from Mid February! I am so on it! If i don't get them I will die! Yes, slightly dramatic there but I really want 'em!! They had me on the packaging if I'm honest!

Pinafores with Teddy bear and heart bibs, A-line mini dresses over shirts. Poly Styrene from X-ray Spex (and one of my style icons) would rock this collection, especially this blue dress and check shirt above.

I love the cute kitsch bright knits, tutus, shorts, bloomers.

Pastel fur coats!!!!! I have one of these in candy pink, I made it myself for one of the Hoochie Coochie shows I was DJing at. Again, I need to blog this! The Compare for the night told me I looked like a Glam Muppet....Which I took as a compliment, of course!

As a final image here are the sugar almond Courtney Love dolls! You have to love them! They add a 90's element to a mostly 1960's and 70's styled collection, just to add to the toylike mash up that is the Meadham Kirchhoff Spring Summer 2012 Collection.

Now you see why I love it??
All images are sourced from Google images, I do not make a claim to taking any photographs, I'm sure it is obvious that I didn't. I will credit everyone that I can.

Next blog?? Hmm! Good question, well I have soooo much I want to blog I need to prioritise what I want to put up next, I'm also joining Pinterest which will be more for me to think about, Oooohh! So much to say, so little time! I really should do a catch up with all the things I mention and then say I should blog about. I can't decide now....Watch this space xx

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