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Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Whole Lotta Rosie - Part 7

OK, so it's been nearly two months since my last post, for anyone who has been following my Whole Lotta Rosie posts you may have been wondering where the hell I've been?? Well, I shall tell you at the end of this post, meanwhile here are few more very late pregnancy images of me, trying my hardest to look stylish and not like Jabba the Hut in pyjamas.

Week 39  - I think it was just about sinking in here that the baby was not going to come early, so obviously a nautical look was in order to cheer me up, stripe top, yellow cardigan and the -now boring the hell out of me- bodycon dress, all from H&M.

Weather definately getting colder here in the UK, but not so cold I need to wear a coat. Good job because none of my winter coats will fit around me!

 I'd say I have also just realised that I will have to spend another week of hiding from everyone at my kids school to avoid the ridiculous comments about how to get my baby out....hot curry, sex, raspberry leaf tea, pineapple.........shut up! I took to hiding outside the gates to reduce this annoying banter, whilst hoping that I go into labour at least on my due date which is 3 days from the day this photo is taken. Please baby come soon!!!!!!!!!!

I'm amazed I can do this Topshop denim shirt up, that's probably why I'm smiling.
 Week 40 - The baby is due on this day Mon 21 November 2011...........ahem.....can you come out now???

 Two days late and I'm putting a brave face on it, still embracing pregnancy and pretending I'm not totally over it. My American Apparel batwing hoodie helps me through it.
Three Days late and still on that school run, thought I'd glam it up with the Asos lace maternity dress. Come on baby!

Sunday 27 November..........6 days late........I have to admit I totally lost it on this day, obviously I was disapointed that my baby was nearly a week late, I was uncomfortable, anxious and dreading having to go back on the school run the next day. I, for some reason, despite all this, had cheered myself up by curling my hair and wearing lots of red. Still hoping that today would be the day.

I'm stood in my bedroom, next to the newly assembled Cot bed waiting for the baby..........what happened next????

On Monday 28 November at 7.29am (just in time for breakfast) Sylvie Belle Ellicott was born weighing in at 7lbs 5oz (the biggest of all my babies) she came very quick but was very much wanted out! And I really did have a Little Girl!!! Wee Hoo! We all love her so much, Welcome to the world Little Lady xxxx

Here I am moments after the birth (of course this is one of the better photographs, but I had not just painted my nails, as one friend had pointed out!) Check out Little Sylvie, she rocks!!

Sylvie and Daddy

Introducing Sylvie Belle Ellicott TM

Of course it wouldn't be right if I didn't mention the outfit, check out Sylvie's green floral print babygro from Debenhams! More on Sylvie's wardrobe to come very soon!!!

So, to finalise the Whole Lotta Rosie posts, here I am (minus the bump) on Christmas Day 2011, nearly a month after Sylvie was born.Wearing my lovely Tiger print bodycon dress from Topshop (a lovely Christmas present from Phil).

I haven't added any inbetween images as, to be honest, I appear to be sat down and looking half asleep in most of them. My new problem is finding any clothes that fit, my maternity clothes just fall off, I am not quite small enough to fit into my jeans and tailored items in my wardrobe AND to make things more difficult I am breast feeding and can only really wear seperates, so dresses are pretty much a no-no, can you believe I am actually missing that H&M bodycon dress!!

Watch this space for more of my fashion dilemmas, see how I cope with baby brains, dressing a baby girl and the new Spring / Summer 2012 Season.

Whole Lotta Rosie over and out


  1. Awww, great post lady! Yay! A little girl to dress up! Of course, we won't forget the boys.....Dilly always has her eye out. Just one little thing....the photo of your close up, I can't believe it you look just like Lucian & Sylvie and dare I say it Phil!!! Heehee...must be a Ellicott look!!! XXX

  2. Thanks Dilly. I hate to be so shallow (ahem) but dressing a little girl is great! Of course the boys are fun to dress too but they are more of a challenge. I shall always check your blog for ideas! That's hilarious about the photo of me looking like Phil, we're not related, honest! Ha! Well they do say you are attracted to a partner /people who are like you! It has been said before that we look similar. The photo reminds you of Phil cos the kids look like both of us too.When Sylvie was born we actually thought 'you again?' they have all been born with the same face! Sylvie also looks like her new baby cousin Miles. Must be an Ellicott thing xx


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