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Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Whole Lotta Rosie Part 4

I can't even begin to tell you how tired I am whilst I write this blog. I've grown so much in the past couple of days and I am still working at Venue Magazine with just over 6 weeks of my pregnancy to go. It really has taken it's toll on me this time round and I have become annoyed that some of my maternity clothing (and that's limited because I have refused to wear it) is now becoming too tight!! I sat on the floor in my beloved H&M Maternity denim cut off shorts to discover they were also cutting off my blood supply around my waist, which may I point out is now so low I think my waist and hips are now the same thing. So here's what I wore over the last month, Summer ended and then came back again here in England, so the transitional look is what it's all about, along with battling with what fits and what doesn't. Compared to right now, dressing myself last month was easy, The next and possibly, final Whole Lotta Rosie Pregnancy Fashion blog will be very interesting.

 Week 31 - Starting to feel really full of baby, the baby moves so much now and I'm beginning to get aching hips from sleeping on my sides (I used to be a dedicated belly sleeper until the bump arrived), I've decided that the Bodycon dress here (yes, it's the old faithful from H&M) is a good way to go for the latter end of my pregnancy too. There is no pulling around the bump and the maternity over bump tights are really comfy. Decided the slutty look is a good way to go, I'm showing off these new curves. Breton top is also from H&M S /S 2010.

 I look a bit glazed here, my pregnancy banana brains do tend take over alot. I've gone for a bit of androgyny today, in my Fred Perry and skinnies, my husband Phil bought me the Fred Perry a few years ago but I had complained it was too big for me, fits a treat now! Thanks Phil xx

 These are my Topshop maternity jeans which have finally stopped falling off now that my boy hips have got bigger, I'm hoping they do not go the same way as the beloved denim cut offs and become too tight. Belly button is beginning to stick out, although the dot you can see is actually a piercing. Apparently I have been very lucky with the piercing, alot of woman have to take them out during pregnancy, I'm not sure why though.

So the weather has changed and Autumn is approaching, out comes the American Apparel oversized hoodie. I've had it for a couple of years but you can still buy them in loads of different colours. I'm looking a bit sleepy here but at least I have done my hair.

 Week 32  - Notice you can now see the stretchy waistband on theTopshop Maternity jeans, the long vests and slouchy tops are no longer hiding it due to the sheer size the bump has decided to grow this week.

 A good side view of the bump, it never seems to look as big as it feels on here, its big and heavy, honest!

 Lace bodycon dress fro Asos Maternity, the one from the weddings dressed down with red converse low tops and my cuddly Leopard print Topshop cardigan, in the biggest size they had, from last A/W 2010. 

 The lace bodycon dress helping me pull off the slutty look I had desired. Face looking a little smug.

 This photo makes me laugh, it also features my youngest son Mika who was attempting to ruin each photo by chasing me around and sticking that Tech decks training dvd in the way. The little buggar managed to do it in this one. Let's notice the gap in his teeth, he's already lost 3 teeth and he's only 4!! More of him and his older brother Lucian coming soon.

 Week 33 - Summer decided to come back in England, it's now October!? I decided to add a bit of colour to myself here. I think this was the day I found out the denim shorts didnt fit anymore, a sad day for everyone involved.

Another hot day, more bright clothes. Basic yellow vest from George at Asda I think and my River Island jumpsuit from last S/S 2010  rolled down as a pair of trousers, the jumpsuit part barely fits over my stomach. second day of the late great British heatwave, I'm in it for comfort all the way, no restricting outfits for me.

The weather has now reverted back to Autumn and it's raining here in England although I'm still quite hot. My bump has grown loads this week and I am so tired and achey. I guess I will post up another Pregnancy Fashion update within a few weeks when I have collected more photos together, perhaps I will even go into labour before then, wishful thinking, I know, Thanks for reading my blog xx

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