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Monday, 24 October 2011

Dr Martens Autumn / Winter 2011 Campaign Featuring Agyness Deyn

I am loving the Dr Martens Autumn Winter 2011 First and Forever Campaign, it features Agyness Deyn (there's a little film and everything!) and the photographer is Gavin Watson who's images, for me, have hit the nail on the head for this 1980s / skinhead / scooter girl / This is Englandesque look, which is a style that has been close to my heart since I was a little kid in the 1980s. I have had to put aside my love / hate relationship with Agyness Deyn, I mean she looks great but she really isn't the first person to be androgynous, a little bit indie, to have short hair and wear Dr Martens!!! It's a little bit like Gwen Stefani pretty much thinking she was the first person to discover Harajuku Girls - 10 years too late.  Ok back to Agyness, she looks great in this campaign so I am back to loving her again.

All images are  from the Dr Martens Autumn Winter 2011 First and Forever
Campaign drmartens.co.uk
 and are credited to the photographer Gavin Watson.

Check out the tassled loafas, white socks and black leggings combo!

You have gotta love the donkey jackets, skinny turn up jeans and oxblood Docs.
Androgynous Perfection.

Unfortunately to be androgynous is not perfection in real life. When I'm having one of my dress like a boy days I generally face comments like

 'You look like you are wearing a school uniform'

I was wearing a Fred Perry Polo shirt and jeans....Other comments on the same outfit, the classic

 'You look like a Dyke'


 'why don't you wear normal maternity clothes?'

Don't even get me started on the last comment. ( I am actually pregnant to any new readers who are confused by this statement.)

 I'm just happy when people get it, sometimes I like to dress like a boy.....who wears make-up!

More of a grungy look here with the thick ribbed tights, rolled down socks and 8-eye DMs.
I personally prefer to do mine up.

 I'm off to buy more white socks, I love DM's!

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