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Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Aztec on Camera

It's been trying to make a comeback for about 5 years but finally it has broken through and is here to stay for Autumn / Winter 2011. It's all over the High Street and on the catwalks. For anyone younger than 25 years old Aztec will not be an issue but for those of us kids from the 80s (and 90s for those of us whose homes / student accommodations wouldn't shake off those Aztec print curtains and duvets) Aztec is still raw and offensive!

It's been about 15 years, let it back into your life. Look at all these Aztec beauties!! All images from asos.com Topshop.com riverisland.com & americanapparel.co.uk

Here's my favourite Aztec Piece from this collection of images, It's from my beloved American Apparel, a red aztec bodycon dress, what more could you want?

Mix and match aztec here from Asos A/ W 11 Collection, The new grunge look for this season, grunge is always trying to make a comeback in my opinion, its a fine line between grunge and crusty which must be attacked carefully, you don't want to end up looking like a Trustafarian (Trust fund white rasta for those of you who havent heard that one before) Too much layering is crusty not grunge! Can I just point out the boots on this image and on some of the other Asos images here, THEY ARE HIDEOUS AND THEY UPSET ME! Doc Martins are the way to go for sure!

Blanket coats were all over the catwalks, I'm personally quite liking the size of this one, although I generally promote buying oversized coats and cardigans, you don't want to end up looking like a Peruvian pan pipe player, this one's cute and from Asos. I like the styling here worn with a jumper (oversized worn as a dress) with tights and high boots.

I like this River Island bodycon aztec dress but can I just point out the pocket? What would you use it for? It ruins the dress in my opinion.

I love these electric blue Asos Aztec leggings worn with the jumper dress and some ankle boots, would have been better with the Docs though.

Matching leggings for the River island bodycon dress with no wired pocket detail, much better!

This Topshop Aztec cardigan is great, I'd buy in size massive and although it has no fastenings, would just wrap it round me like a blanket.........all day.

Another Asos blanket coat, boarderlining on Peruvian pan pipe length but just cuts it I reckon. I hate winter but coats and blankets can't be bad. No tights in a UK Winter? I think not.

Asos blanket coat mixed with aztec top...ignore the hat.

Cute khaki parka and aztec trousers looks comfy,I'm all about the comfort at the moment, but a bare midriff.... in the winter? It's those awful boots again and OMG  is that a CND symbol necklace? I'm not 14 years old! 2  out of 5 for styling here Asos. I am being such a bitch today, I really rate Aztec honest!

Another Asos oversized cardigan which I love, cast your eyes away from the CND necklace and all is good!

My favourite Asos Aztec leggings, layered with aztec dress and a massive scarf, I still have a massive orange wide knit scarf from Topshop from about 5 years ago, its fantastic and still going strong, I'll pop it on my blog soon enough. You know what I'm going to ask you to ignore on this image, I don't need to mention it!

OK, so that about wraps up Aztec, I hope my bitching mood hasn't put you off it. I'm thinking I want the American apparel dress and a big aztec cardigan which will come in useful over the next final 8 weeks of my pregnancy when the weather turns real cold a I realise I cant do any of my jackets up! Next post will be my Pregnancy blog Whole Lotta Rosie, put it this way I'm having to write my blog on the sofa on my laptoip as I'm having trouble leaning forward! Over and out No Debutante xx

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