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Monday, 22 August 2011

You've got your Mother in a whirl, cos she's not sure if you're a boy or a girl...

My current obsession is what's happening in the shops for the new season Autumn Winter 2011-12. I have had a look around and have come up with a few different looks that are high on my fashion agenda for the coming season. Although today has to be one of the hottest days of the year, I, am busy looking for my Winter Wardrobe. I have clearly put aside that I am actually 7 months pregnant for the moment so I can dream of what I can wear post-pregnancy body. I can get a few pieces now and then add to it after my baby is born in November (probably December, if my track record is anything to go by). So I'm really excited about the Androgynous (a look I can usually carry off) one of the boys, girls who are boys...etc..looks that is very prominant this A /W. I also love Asos and Topshops campaigns for this look on their websites, the styling is great, I had to include it.

 Let's start with this cute teddy boy look from Topshops A/W 2011/12 Collection. I think they labelled it New Mod, but have to disagree it's more influenced by 50s  or Punk than Mod. The cute quiff in the hair, the crop cardigan over a high button shirt, ankle grazer trousers in Garnet  - a big colour this season, white socks and my favourite bit, the brothel creepers. I am deffo gonna get me some of these!
 The second look from Topshop A/W 2011/12 collection. Im loving the ribbon neck tie and the polka dot ankle grazers, these are not available at Topshop online yet, I hate it when they give you teasers of pieces on the website but never come up with the goods to actually buy. Not that I can fit into them at the moment, but that's not the point....rant over....Polka-dots are massive this season BTW as is emerald green, two ticks for these trousers, that you cant actually buy yet....
 This look is available from Asos and is part of their A/W 2011/12 campaign. Really like the Crombie jacket, which is a new length for this season, I want one of these coats, trousers perhaps a little too tight for my liking but they are in the new garnet A/W colour. These shoes are a more girlie option of the brothel creeper for those who just can't / won't do the full on brothel creeper.
 This style of hat has been doing the rounds for a few seasons now for boys and girls but it still looks great with this look. A more colourful version of the 3/4 length coat.All from Asos.
 The coat looks really cool in this one, I still interested in beige, unbelievable! Asos again.
 I love these 3/4 length cardigans, they have also been kicking around for a few seasons but I never want them to leave! I buy mine in extra large so they swamp me and can be worn as coats, they look good with everything in my opinion. This look reminds me of some Mod, psyche
 boys I used to know who clashed paisley patterned shirts with front button tweed ankle grazers, it
sounds terrible but I thought it looked great.
 Aaah! the old jumper over shirt look, it's been around for years, reminds me being a Brit -pop girl.

 Although I'm not a fan of sleeveless shirts ( I was totally appalled by those sleeveless jackets from last S/S Season) I am a fan of leopard print, I think this Topshop A/W 2010/12
 shirt would look great with some, ankle grazers and a pair of brothel creepers.
 Talking of Brothel Creepers, I have been quietly considering a pair of these for a few years, now they're all over the place, I can't say no. They will definately be my next purchase (pregnancy not interferring with the size of my feet) the only trouble is, now there's too much choice. Here's a few of them. These red lovelies are from Topshop online.
 Blue suede shoes, I love these ones from topshop online.
 Hey, you're not brothel creepers! Oh thats right you're leopard print, you can
 stay.....in my wardrobe. Leopard print lace up lovelies from River Island A/W 2011/12.
A boot version, love it, very Tokyo-ite. Black brothel creeper boots from Office online.
Black suede brothel creeper boots with animal print upper panel from Office Online
 These are contenders!
 These remind me of the 80s revival of brothel creepers, you saw alot of these when I
 was a kid. Didnt Ducky have them in Pretty in Pink?? I think he did! Yey!
This is a campaign shot i found on line for D&G A/W 2011/12. I choose it for the braces and it reminds me of Madonna's Vogue video. FIN

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