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Monday, 8 August 2011

Whole Lotta Rosie Part 2 (Hot Hot Summer)

I am back from my travels to hot, hot Mallorca and have kept a style diary of what I wore on a day to day basis, over this time, I am adding to my Pregnancy Fashion Diary at the same time. Basically, I am getting bigger and the weather was real hot, it was great to have the freedom to wear less clothes and not worry about whether I should wear leggings / tights etc under my much loved short skirts and shorts, like I would in the UK, yes, even in the Summer! Bare legs apparently is only for the young and they even still seem to opt for the leg cover up here, I have noticed, maybe its the tights as trousers fashion thing thats been around for a while or more likely that the UK weather is very difficult to judge each morning........anyhoo let's move on....The Post starts with me at Week 22 before I went away and ends with this Week (Week 25! Yey! Over half way!)

 Week 22
Here are the brights clashing colurs I promised you. I have just had my haircut here too so I look camera ready. Hair by my lovely hair stylist Vikki Mac at Angela Gaudi in Bristol.
 The dress is from Topshop Consession Reko, a few seasons ago now, Summer 2009 I reckon. I hardly every throw any clothes away and I wear this dress all year round. Unfortunately I have had to stop wearing this dress for the monent as it now doesnt even cover my ass- my ass has not got bigger, it's the bump pulling it up, honest..... I will be back in this dress by December. The yellow cardigan is from H&M and goes with every dress, ever!
 Week 23 - First day in Mallorca.
 This is my beige, yes, beige sheer, slouchy Primark tee. I went for a few neutral shades this Spring / Summer, first time ever..to see what all the fuss was about. I actually dont mind a bit of neutral now, as long as I keep wearing bright red or yellow sunglasses, I'm happy. These are the H&M denim shorts I have spoken about, I wear them alot, they are so comfy. I, of course, had to customise them slightly by cutting a couple of inches off the bottom to make them nice 'n' short, they have the over the bump waistband thing going on but I generally wear that rolled down, especially when it's hot.
 A hot summer evening and I'm wearing my yellow sunglasses (H&M), Orange slouchy, sheer Primark tee (like the beige one, great for layering) Green vest (under orange top) topshop and my favourite, most comfy and loud trousers from Topshop, I love them so much, I'm wearing them now! Blue Gladiator Sandels throughout from Primark too! I like to pop down to Primark at the start of each season to pick up high fashion bargains, this year it paid off big time!
 I wear this top as a cover up, during the day on the beach or by the pool, the front is pretty basic but the back open with large drapes and a string type cut out detail at the top (see below), it's not amazing but I like it. it's another cheap purchase from George at Asda again from around S /S 2009. I clearly like to re-wear high summer pieces for each holiday! Bikini from Topshop S/S 2010 and my favourite denim shorts.

 The night after the hottest day ever on the beach.The whole family were sunburnt, despite all the sun cream.This maxi tube dress was all I could get on, it saved my life!
 The Madonna print maxi tube dress is from Topshop S/S 2010. It's a great shape for me, even when pregnant. I, frankly,look like an idiot in those peasant / hippy style flowing maxi dresses that everyone else has been wearing over the past few seasons, they do not suit my style for one or do anything for a girl with an athletic figure!
 This dress goes with my 80s bodycon look and also my 90s grunge maxi/ tube skirt revival. I also love the print of Madoona looking really young and provocative, Like a Virgin era.
 It's that beige top again worn with O'Neill Beach Shorts which are cut so low that they can be worn under the bump. Again, I've had these for years!
 The crazy golf was shocking..
 Another hot night, still sunburnt, I abandon the bra on this occasion and couldn't have given a damn. Plain vest from Topshop, this season no less! Silky style leopard print trousers from Topshop A/W 2010. I love these trousers so much, but, there is a problem! Despite being quite generous on the waist for a size 12 these trousers have a back zip fastening which i can no longer do up! I have a purchased one of those bump bands from Topshop to wear over the half open zip to disguise the fact that these leopard print lovelies no longer fit but alas, this garment is useless and keeps riding up, revealing my pants! Gutted!
 The bump is looking smaller than usual in this photo isn't it? It really changes on a daily bases. I have curled my hair on this occasion, using my babyliss curling wand, best piece of hair tec ever!

 Week 24 - My Baby is now viable and could survive with assistance if it was born early! To celebrate this occasion I have gone for my favourite breton tee from H&M S/S 2010, those trusty denim shorts and my red converse Allstars low tops.
 I have now managed to constantly own and wear Converse Allstars for 10 years! They will become the item I am still wearing when i'm 80, Converse Allstarts, large frame sunglasses and blue eyeshadow, I sound great, I love me when I'm a pensioner!
 Last night in Mallorca, gutted and orange, with my top matching my tan. I'm also wearing my LBD from H&M, lycra based non maternity, as seen in earlier Fashion diary posts.
 Week 25 - back in UK Djing at Bang my club night. My baby can now hear sounds and was kicking away all night, I DJ'd, danced and stayed up til 3am on the hottest night ever! I rock....and i am still paying for it 4 days on!

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