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Tuesday, 2 August 2011

I miss your great big hair, and the way you liked to dress

I tried to find time to post about Amy Winehouse before I left for Mallorca but I ran out of time despite sourcing all the images I needed from google! (I have tried to leave any copyright stuff on the images for anyone who cares that I have used them-legal bit over) So before I start any posts about my Style icons or my Pregnancy style diaries, I would like to take a moment to have a look at some fantastic Amy Winehouse style moments. I have always had a secret love for Amy's style and if I had statred the blog earlier you would have found this out! Here are a selection of style images of Amy, who did not actually make it into my recent Style Icon line up but certainly deserves a mention. RIP Amy.....27

 How cool is this image? It has a fifties house wife look about it. I love the polo shirt, denim shorts, flat pumps,trademark head band combo, the attitude, the sailor jerry style tattoo rockabilly table, the flowers, love it.
 Tight tartan and leopard print mix? Amy mixed prints years before the catwalk trend for clashing prints and colours were predicted. It's a big trend for this Autumn / Winter but it's always a big trend for me.
 Love the basic jeans n tee combo, a look I find hard to carry off without loads of accesories. And of course the anchor necklace, I have one from Accessories.
 One of Amy's more Tomboy looks ( a look I am always partial to) with the Fred Perry and braces, it's more skinhead boot girl than rockabilly 50s style this time.
 Amy rocks blonde hair and I think it looks great, more punk. The black skinny rock tee and jeans are a great staple look for all indie rockers like myself. Did I mention the word Rock enough then? I also love the way Amy is wearing her yelow head scarf in this one, very Hilda Ogden, British wartime worker style, but without the hair rollers.
 Amy wore the slutty dress well, nipped in, in all the right places worn with high heels, the dress must always be in bright summer colours and / or prints. I also have a heart shaped bag like this one. Mine is from River Island and I used it on my wedding day. Perfect! I will post those images up one day, I'm sure!
 An essential part of Amy's wardrobe was an unmatching bra peeking out from underneath her top. Today i'm wearing a neon pink bra under my purple vest, it pleases me to do this nearly everyday! Little things please me, OK.....ahem...
Another image of Amy simply for the polo shirt, denim cut offs and tattoos. I wore denim cut offs (yes, i found maternity ones from H&M that dont look crap and actually fit well) on holiday nearly everyday with a vest (clashing bra or bikini top showing underneath of course), flat shoes and an attitude, a look inspired by Amy before as i was packing. I will post all the Holiday Fashion Diaries up this week at some point. The only thing missing on me is a tattoo......I have none and have not really wanted one, but slowly over the past few years i've been coming round to the idea. Another Post idea! Oh my Gosh, I love blogging!

So thanks Amy for the music, the voice, the attitude and most of all for the Fashion! I salute you and shall continue to have you as one of my(not so secret) style obsessions you rockabilly, fifties house wife, black eyeliner & head scarf wearing, tomboy, rock n roll mash -up! I really will miss your great big hair and the way you like to dress xx

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