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Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Puppet on a String

I have always had a love for the Sixties as an era but have since, to be honest, grown a little tired of the fashion coming back every couple of seasons. I had over indulged in sixties fashion and underground music and scenes during the late 90s and early 2000s -a bit too die hard, try hard for my liking. I change my mind too much to become dedicated to one scene /style. Of course, there are still elements of it that I love, mini dresses and tights, parka coats, the music, Mods and interiors. Oh my god, I still love it don't I?

Here is my interpretation of how to wear the Autumn /Winter 2011/12 'Sixties Trend' this season without looking too try hard! I have only used the high street to source these pics but I would always recommend buying original sixties dresses from the thousands of vintage shops in Uk, online, ebay,car boot sales and beyond. If you want to the original look. I like mix the new with the old, hoarding all the way!

 This cute little two piece tunic and shorts set from Asos is very Dolly Girl for all New Mods as Topshop has labelled you. I love this combo, it's practically a romper suit! Would look great with tights and flat mary janes, I, of course would also wear it with converse, makes it less smart.
 This Asos playsuit is really cute - cute being the word for this Sixties Dolly Girl look that i'm going for. The cut on the neck is flattering for an athletic bird like me, who cannot compete with the Dolly Girl skinny body but knows how to pull the look off without looking like Action Man in a dress. Again, colourful tights n flats with this number,oh and a bright belt.
Love these cute flat Mary Janes from Newlook (my new favourite shoe shop) Newlook sells all the shoe styles you can get in Office and Topshop but at 1/4 of the price. It's not that I don't buy shoes from Topshop and Office but if I get my shoes in Newlook then i can get at least 3 pairs for the price of one!  
 A crochet dress is  perfect for this look, this one's from Topshop and the colour is also very on-trend.
This dress is not that Sixties looking, in the traditional sense, except for the Peter Pan style collar, but it is leopard print and it is a short dress from River Island and I want it. It would look great with coloured tights and flats or wedges.
 This polka-dot pussy bow plysuit from River Island would look great with the wedges below and the tights, of course.
These wedge boots from Office would look great with any of these dresses. I'm not saying they are sixties influenced, I could give them a tedious nod to sixties spaceage fashion I guess.
 The bright tights I keep mentioning, these are from River Island but you can pretty much buy bright tights anywhere these days. At the beginning of the 2000's I had alot of trouble sourcing coloured tights, I now have far too many pairs, from panic buying and have put a ban on my buying anymore .Give yellow tights a go is my advice.
 Here are the more obvious Sixties inspired Op-art tights from Topshop, I do love these but this stripe is not always flattering on a larger leg, it's a risk, but it's tights....just one more pair?
 The cut of this Op-art River Island skirt is obviosly not sixties, its for the print, would look great with a little vest tucked in, more Fifties for sure.
 Again this Topshop tube skirt is here for the Mondrian print, they loved a bit of that in the Sixties...
 Check out this Mondrian inspired print bodysuit also from Topshop, It's a no-no for me at the moment but I'm ready to let the bodysuit back into my life, (i was a teenager of the 90s, it's been a difficult item to let back in) worn with a tube skirt or some shorts....when the baby bumps gone, I dont want to scare people.
 These little Peter Pan collared tops from Topshop are really cute, but are a fashion mistake for all pregnant women, who are made to believe a smock is flattering and comfortable for a pregnant woman. Comfortable it may be but flattering it ain't, A-line tops make you look bigger, steer clear!!!
 I would personally wear these tops with shorts and tights and those wedges (when I'm not pregnant) look at the polka dots, how can you resist them?
Another version of the Newlook Mary Janes in a Jewel toned green, I need to introduce these Jewel tones into my wardrobe, it can be done, I let neutral tones in this Spring/Summer, challenge accepted!

 Aaah! The Parka, I shall never grow tired of it, its comfortable, functional and looks great with everything, especially over those dresses and tights! This one's from Asos.
This is from Topshops A/W 2011/12 Collection, you know, the one where you cant actually buy any of the clothes, however despite my complaing, I still love the styling. This look is from their New Mod Collection, look at that leopard print vanity case (not available to buy boo hoo!) I love it and I want it .Topshop you are so cruel to me!!!!

So that just about rounds it up for my Sixties inspired high street round-up, I wont be able to wear any of it until I have had my baby but I will continue my mission to find ways that I can! I could have the Mary Janes and that Topshop vanity case, if it was ever for sale!! Next posts should be more of me and how I am tackling fashion and my ever growing size, whilst I make the most of the end of the Summer season. Winter fashions coming!

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  1. Hey No Debutante, loving the sixties trend. That Asos playsuit is very Twiggy inspired. Bright tights, you cannae have too many! H&M have loads of autumnal colour in at the moment. And I shall be taking your advise and popping down to New Look to get myself a pair of Mary Janes! Thank youX


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