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Monday, 5 September 2011

Whole Lotta Rosie Part 3

Here's the latest Whole Lotta Rosie Pregnancy Fashion update. It covers weeks 26 - 29 of my Pregnancy Fashion Diaries and see's me move into the third trimester of this, my third and final pregnancy. It has been a fairly hot Summer and I've been enjoying bare legs for months (except at work,my skirts and shorts are still a bit too short for office wear.) I am not looking forward to wearing more clothes during the colder months and I am refusing to buy any other Maternity clothes.

 Week 26
 This was the week that I really started to fill out sideways. Here I am in that ever faithful H&M bodycon dress, I was off out for a curry with work mates and had earlier on attempted to squeeze myself into my Madonna print Maxi dress (seen previously in Whole Lotta Rosie part 2) only to be disgusted to find Madonna's face was grotesquely smeared across my now bowling ball sized stomach as I stretched it over the bump. Gutted, I removed (or rather peeled off) the Maxi dress and popped this dress on. It was a hot night and I couldnt be restricted, as for the Madonna dress, I am still gonna attempt to wear it but perhaps with a top over it to hide the now unflattering print.

 Earrings and necklace from Accessorize.
 This is the sort of thing I can get away with at work, my job is split between Venue Magazine (no smart clothes please) to the Evening Post (office wear is required) I basically have no office wear so I pretty much blag my way through it with this sort of outfit. It's not denim so they can't really say anything. I go out of my way to not wear denim on jeans day too,(the fact that it's called Jeans Day is upsetting enough) I cannot stand to be told what to wear, I'm incapable of doing so.
 Blue knitted jumper from Topshop about three winters ago, found it in the sale, it was originally about £75, then went down to about £35 in the sale, I found the most ripped looking one (once a punk, always a punk) and got it knocked down to £15 as damaged goods. Nice! Under the punk top is the 'ever faithful' black bodycon dress and some Topshop non maternity leggings worn under the bump.

 Week 27 - I have just entered the Third Trimester of my Pregnancy, my baby is pretty much a mini version of what she (yes, the baby's suppossed to be a girl-but I already have 2 boys and can't quite trust it) will look like when she is born.

I was in a kind of festival style mood on this day, my husband was about to play(in his band The Relay Rips) at Shambala Festival that weekend and I was jealous not to be going! Holey knitted jumper from Topshop A/W 2010, random black vest, my favourite maternity buy the H&M denim shorts, American Apparel tube socks and Converse high tops (had these for years).

 Week 28 - Here's me and my husband Phil off to my cousins wedding. My lace bodycon dress is from Asos Maternity and is really comfortable, soft and stretchy, I can dress it up or down easily and it fits in with the A / W 2011 Fetish trend nicely. Phil wears Black Mod Shirt from Jump The Gun and grey suit from Topman.
 I was feeling so heavy and wide this week I thought I was going to explode!
Cropped black tailored jacket from Topshop 2010, with brooch, necklace and earrings from Accessorize, red sunglasses H&M, Red Wedges only £20 from my new favourite shoe shop Newlook S/S 2011.
 In between days. This has been such a  busy week, with a wedding on each weekend and had been doing overtime at work, I'm knackered and did not have time to blog which had annoyed me!
 Orange top from  Primark S/S 2011, Black vest from Topshop Maternity S/S 2011, Maternity jeans Topshop S/S 2011. These jeans look good when you first put them on but refuse to stay up, they don't have any adjusters on them so my boy hips and no ass combo can't keep them up. I was hoping as I got bigger this problem may subside but alas, it is not to be....

 Week 29 - My friends wedding, on one of the hottest days of the year, sleeves not needed! This photo is of me with one of my oldest friends Rachel who is 36 weeks and pretty much ready to pop! My bump looks rubbish in comparison, I should stop complaining... my dress same as before (you don't think I'd buy two maternity dresses did you?) from Asos Maternity. My hair looks a bit harsh in this photo, it was much softer and prettier on the other side, damn you assymmetric hair! Lovely one of Rachel though....

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