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Tuesday, 31 January 2017

The New Fashion Editor - Bristol 24/7

As you know No Debutante is the new Fashion Editor for Bristol 24/7 Magazine
I am still so excited about this and I was really happy to share a little bit about myself and my fashion journey with the B24/7 readers. Please check out the post in full in the link below.

Meet Emma our new Fashion Editor

I started my blog  No Debutante in 2011, after lots of people (including my husband a few years earlier, yes, Phil you were right) had been trying to get me to document my ever changing and random sense of style. Read more here......

Tezla Designs, Zed Head Designs, Pregnancy fashion, Fix Up Look Sharp, 

Miss 4ire, That Thing, Neat Frontage, Fashions Salvage with Kecks Clothing

All Photography by No Debutante

If you are having a fashion event or a have a new collection you would like 
No Debutante to promote please get in touch!
Check out my work with Bristol 24/7 magazine here under my name Emma Gorton-Ellicott

If you are interested in collaborating with No Debutante or getting featured on the No Debutante blog please contact me on nodebutanteblog.gmail.com

Keep up with No Debutantes OOTD posts, collabs and current fashion obsessions posted daily on all of the following. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr,  Pinterest. all under the #nodebutante name.

Thanks for checking in Fashionistas xx

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