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Friday, 13 January 2017

A New Start - Bristol 24/7

Hey Fashionistas! Check out No Debutante's first Fashion article as the Fashion Editor of Bristol 24/7 Magazine. I'm so excited!!! The article features info on sustainable fashion, upcycling, reducing waste and the Bristol fashionistas who are spreading awareness & creating amazing upcycled garments from your waste! Article includes No Debutante favourites Bristol Textiles Recycling (BTR), Fix Up Look Sharp, Keck's Clothing and Antiform. 

A New Start

Have you ever considered what happens to all those clothes you bought cheap from Primark and got rid of without wearing? Read more here.....

Clic Sargents 'Fix Up Look Sharp' Upcycle old clothing & fabrics into fun fashion items.
Photo by Alistair Campbell Photography

Antiform upcycle old rolls of fabric from the fashion industry

Helen Brown from Kecks Clothing & No Debutante in Fashion Salvaged items from BTR

Top image sourced from Bristol Textiles Recyclers

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