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Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Where the Wild Roses Grow

I was shocked when two of my favourite fashion designers known for their outrageous fashion shows, flouncing frills, clashing prints & the most colourful & inspiring styling ever,. more was always more with Meadham Kirchhoff until they themselves became no more..... with London's dynamic duo leaving many fashionistas heartbroken, all I could think was where am I going to get my outrageous Lolita's on Acid fashion fix now? They even did collaborations with Topshop so I could afford their beautiful clothes but without enough support & funding from the fashion industry Meadham Kirchhoff were forced to close their doors &  I was completely gutted!

Whilst I think of them fondly & often pop on my stripey lurex tights, frilly cherry ankle socks & flouncy eyeball printed baby doll dress, I still need a new Meadham Kirchhoff fix.
Then it happened......Edward Meadham appears, he's back with a new collection made for his fans at affordable prices in his new home at Dover Street Market in London. The new label Blue Roses, Is a collection 'for girls, kids & weirdos' & I definitely fall into one of those categories, you can choose which one.....this collection has been designed to be more wearable & less like a grand couture outfit, it's for people who don't want to fit in,i t's anti-fashion, it's brilliant.

The collection itself is a Meadham mash up of sweatshirts & t-shirts layered over sheer frilly dresses & tops, styled up with frilled collars'n'cuffs & amazing vertical striped long socks & fishnets tights. The prints range from Meadhams' own goth punk handwritten words, horror imagery and my favourite cute vintage childrens motifs from the Meadham Kirchhoff days. Check out the childlike hairstyles with hair-clips, kiss curls & cute dolly punk make-up! I love everything about this shoot right down to the handwritten scribbles all over the prints.See the collection below..
I have also added some images of Susie Bubble wearing Blue Roses, she wears it so well, I love her styling, she is the perfect Blue Roses muse! Unusual and cute!

Why the name Blue Roses? I love the reason why Edward Meadham has chosen Blue Roses for his collection, a Blue Rose is an uncommon Rose, it is beautiful in its own artificial way, it stands out from the others, it doesn't want to fit in & doesn't care how it is perceived......that is a perfect way to describe Meadhams' creations, the look he creates & the way I definitely feel about fashion & the look I create for myself.....Who wants to fit in and look like everyone else? I am a Blue Rose! I love you Edward Meadham and welcome back xxx

Blue Roses

Susie Bubble wearing Blue Roses

Meadham Kirchhoff

No Debutante wearing Meadham Kirchhoff X Topshop

All Blue Roses images sourced from vogue.com, All Susie Bubble images sourced from stylebubble.co.uk, Meadham Kirchhoff image from Pinterest & last two images by No Debutante.

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