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Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Christmas Wrapping - The Dilemmas Of What To Wear To The Work Christmas Party

I had the chance to write and extra blog post this week due to having the house to myself, well, nearly myself there are a few workmen about the place adding the finishing touches to my lovely new loft conversion, which will be finished before Christmas......won't it? So, yeah the reason we are having the loft conversion is to give us an extra floor in our home which was very much needed after filling the house with children, whom are currently out of the house so let's get on with blogging!

Anyone who follows me on my social networking pages will know I had a big fashion dilemma with what I should wear to my work Christmas party. I realised my error when I agreed to attend this work do without taking any consideration about what the hell I would wear. Generally I do not attend these kind of corporate events, I usually get to dress down everywhere I go, even when I'm dressed up, I've managed to dress it down, in a glamorous way, of course. Still confused? Well, let's just say, I understand how to dress for a wedding but a sparkly and glamourous outfit with heels for a Christmas party??? I realised I was out of my comfort zone.......that is until I remembered I had the most amazing colourful, sparkling, sequined covered Louise Gray X Topshop shift dress!!!!!!!! How could I forget it???? I have worn this dress out, only once, when I sang and DJ'd at my club night Bang's tenth Birthday party nearly two years ago. The dress also made a brief appearance on the No Debutante blog in a photo shoot collaboration but that doesn't count.
So, I have the dress, problem solved you may think? No sorry, there where more issues. The first being the strategically placed stars that may appear a bit risque for a work do? I did take a moment or two to consider this but then decided against it, it's not a problem, it's just a fantastic dress! End of....Not quite, this is when things got really scrambled (in my head) I thought I would just wear some shimmery sheer tights which are very flattering and added sparkle to the whole Glam outfit, I had already decided I was definitely wearing my platform heeled white sandals from Topshop, bang on trend and frankly I just love them and don't get to wear them, plus I really cannot stand to match up my accessories with my outfit too much, it's too twee for me, as I have said before I just buy an item because I like it, I never consider if I have anything in my wardrobe to go with it, so really the outfit was sorted. 
 I then I thought I'd just try on my glittery, very colourful and stripey Meadham Kirchhoff  X Topshop tights, now this look was totally No Debutante style, a Fash Clash Mash up of colours, prints and sparkles! If I was attending any other event (perhaps not a wedding) a would wear this outfit. It looked fabulous! I then did a very un-No Debutante thing and went for the first more flattering, less outrageous outfit. Why you may ask? I did it because, although I know I have blue hair and never wear the clothes I probably should wear to work and always want to be a fashion outsider, I think the dress with the stars on the boobs, with a smiley face covered in pink, blue, red and gold sequins worn with blue bouffant hair and white platform shoes was quite No Debutante enough, I love standing out, of course, but I do not want to be a clown, I didn't want to wear what everyone would expected me to. Well, you always have to leave an element of surprise in there somewhere, don't you? The name of this look? Sixties Underwater Mermaid Alien.....Its catchy.

Apologies for the random snap shots about my home with messy worktops, I am a mother of three who barely goes out, doesn't have hours of time to get ready and take lots of blog photographs before leisurely heading out. It was more leave work, pick kids up from school, throw a small birthday tea party for my three year old, hand over the gauntlet to my husband Phil and get ready to party in 30 minutes (including hair and nails) so you can understand my predicament! As long as I looked good doing it eh?

All clothing from Louise Gray X Topshop, Topshop & Meadham Kirchhoff  X Topshop

Thanks for joining me today.

ND xx

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