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Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Hey Babe, Your Hair's Alright....

It's time to catch up with No Debutante's latest hairstyles and updos. My hairdresser Vikki Mac told me off for leaving too big a gap between my last hair posts so we'd better get on with it.

The images start with a freshly coloured mermaid blue mane, backcombed at the crown and worn down with only a hair grip or two to hold the bouffant in place. I am loving the sixties and early seventies long hair styles at the moment especially bouffanted looks, the bigger the better I say.

A topknot bun worn pinned in place or with a headscarf wrapped around the bun are both looks I have worn quite often lately, I do not wear a bun doughnut as I don't really like the hair to look too done and the headscarf gives the illusion of thicker hair, I have fine hair but there's lots of it so it actually backcombs a treat which is handy!

I also love to wear my hair naturally waved by braiding my hair. I came across the predicament of trying to keep my hair dry during my morning shower to achieve the 'just taken my hair out of braids look' I didn't find a shower cap that useful (or glamorous for that matter) so I wrap my head up in a towel and attempt to stop my lovely dry and ready to wave braids getting wet.....One single drop of water on the braids on my fine straight hair will ruin any hopes of a natural wave being achieved! I am, of course, striving for the Daryl Hannah in Splash mermaid wave but alas I am probably asking a bit much.

I still pop my hair up into a rockabilly victory roll and head scarf updo every now and again but I had to try and reduce down the amount of backcombing my hair was getting, mixed with all the bleaching (my hair is platinum blond under the mermaid blue) my hair just refuses to grow. Also, being the fickle fashionista that I am I have slowly moved on, another day, another look...

Lastly on today's post is the half up half down hair look. This has been a very popular look with me for the past few months but bizarrely I don't have that many images to show you! My favourite of these looks is the half up topknot and I am also rather partial of wearing low bunches worn long and slightly backcombed at the root. Not really holding back on the backcombing am I? Which is your favourite look?

No Debutante will be back very soon with more personal style and fashionista fun. Now get styling that hair! 

ND xx

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