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Friday, 12 December 2014

Pastel Punk

I hadn't even considered it as I had been collecting Pastel Goth and Sea Punk images on my Pinterest Fashion board over the past few years but I realised that I had either become influenced by the look or coincidently I already dressed this way and had not given the look a label, with my mermaid blue hair and a liking for pastel shades and rainbow coloured outfits.
 I am not interested in the subculture or scene of Seapunk as a whole as I am not into the lifestyle or music but fashionwise (of course) I seem to be well involved (despite the original subculture being a fad that was over within a year) The tags #seapunk #pastelpunk and #pastelpunk are still alive and kicking on social media fashion sites, linked to looks in colour washes of pinks, blues, greens and rainbow colours and the essential day glo coloured hair, the new look usually includes a bit of tie-dye with a nod to surf style and late 80s early 90s beachwear Vs Rave culture mixed with the alternative styling of grunge, punk and (a very colourful version of) Goth.
Whatever you want to label it and however I wear it, I am a fan of the look and do generally own many items that would fit the Pastel Sea Punk hashtag.
Here are just a few Pastel Punk style items that I have worn or taken Instagram pics of over the past week. There are many more Pastel Punk images like this to check out on the No Debutante Instagram but these images have not appeared on the blog yet and I am eager to get this post up. Check out this link for more Pastel Punk looks from No Debutante.

All clothing and accessories from Maui, Primark, Vision Streetwear X Topshop, Converse Allstars, Meadham Kirchhoff X Topshop and Antoni and Allison.

ND xx

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