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Monday, 17 November 2014

Modern Vintage Meets Autumn Layering

Check out how I have moved Modern Vintage into the colder months with Autumnal layers and a mash up of a plaid circle midi skirt, a khaki bomber jacket, plimsoll creeper boots and a bright yellow new wave band tee worn with cute braids in my blue hair. A true No Debutante mash up of Modern vintage style for the autumn! Wrap up but don't lose your style beneath coats and layers this winter. Good luck, it is a challenge to achieve this xx

All clothing from Topshop, 8ball.com and Primark.

Hope you are all enjoying the new fashion season, I love the transition between fashion seasons, it always means a new look and inspires new ways to wear your old wardrobe in a new way! Get inspired! Thanks for reading fashionistas.

ND xx

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