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Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Pale Grunge

Now that Winter is really starting kick in here in the UK, I am loving my cuddly oversized jumper worn layered over dresses. I find I am wearing the cuddly jumper so much that I would actually like another one, this comes from a girl who has been a devotee of the oversized cardigan for many years and not even considered the versatility of the oversized jumper, until now.....Layered over anything the oversized jumper just keeps on giving, it gives a new life to a dress which is now pretty much turned into a new skirt with the oversized jumper for company, midis, maxis, jeans, the possibilities are endless. BTW when I say oversized, I don't mean one size up, I mean many sizes up, can you wear it as a dress? Is it swamping you? That's what you are after, no fitted jumpers please!!! 
I am not saying that I will no longer wear an oversized cardigan, the upside of the oversized cardigan was that you could still see the outfit worn beneath the cardigan, which is good but it still let the cold in didn't it?? Not the oversized jumper! Big, warm and cuddly. I love my oversized jumper!! Stand aside oversized cardigans. It's the reign over the jumper! Get yours now!

Oversized Jumper from Primark (they have a massive selection, get yours in the biggest size possible) , Denim Slip Dress (worn underneath) from Topshop, Shoes from Converse.

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ND xx

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